Panic is growing: in Turkey, 15 days before the opening of the summer season, tourism realized that it smelled of kerosene

Panic is growing: in Turkey, 15 days before the opening of the summer season, tourism realized that it was smells of kerosene

The Turkish tourism industry will not survive in a panic and without government assistance: due to the lack of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, the business smelled of kerosene. This statement was made by the head of the CHP party in Antalya and the coordinator of the economic department Cetin Osman Budak. According to him, tourism in Turkey is counting on President Erdogan and Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy to take action against the negative consequences that may arise from the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

“There are less than 15 days left before the opening of the tourist season. But two of the three countries that send the most tourists to Turkey are technically unavailable at the moment. The 2022 tourist season is in a huge crisis. But we do not hear a single statement from the president or the minister of tourism. We need a signal that will reassure tourism professionals,” he said.

First and foremost, he says, millions of people working in tourism and related sectors face the danger of unemployment. The sector should be given cheap financial support, he assured.

The expert also called the main problem the fact that Turkey has not been able to diversify the tourism markets. 27% of tourists visiting Turkey and 55% of tourists visiting Antalya come from Russia and Ukraine. “Due to the embargo against Russia and the depreciation of the Russian ruble, the number of tourists from Russia will decrease at best, you can not wait for them from Ukraine for at least two years. Our country, poor in foreign exchange, needs the income of the tourism sector, which is the only source of foreign exchange. Unfortunately, the government continues to look askance at the tourism sector,” the Turkish expert complained.

He also stated that tourism professionals want to hear the government's views on the measures that need to be taken. “They want to be sure that their losses will be compensated by financial measures, efforts to diversify the market. The sector risks losing about $6 billion in revenue. We are about to lose our tourism markets, which have been achieved with great effort over the past 30 years,” Turkey said.

Recall that prior to the events in Ukraine, the Turkish government predicted that tourism revenues this year could equal or exceed the record $35 billion earned in the exemplary 2019. But now hoteliers are asking for help in a panic.

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