Pay extra 300 euros for the tour – Russia was blamed for this

Pay 300 euros for the tour - Russia was blamed for this

Tours for European holidaymakers are skyrocketing in price due to fuel surcharges – while local tour operators blame Russia for this. More precisely, the rise in fuel prices caused by sanctions against Russia, which in turn are caused by a Russian special operation. Everything happens by analogy with the United States, where the authorities blame Russia and even Putin personally for the increase in the cost of fuel: in Europe, Russians are now being made “extreme” for the layman in the rise in price of tours.

At least, it is precisely the increase in fuel prices due to the Russian special operation that explains the “negative effects” that “affect the budget of European summer holidays.” This is exactly what the Turkish media emphasized in the news that TUI Belgium began to shift the increase in fuel costs to passengers.

The first “victim” was obviously a family of three who booked a tour from Belgium to Antalya with TUI, which you will have to pay an additional 309 euros due to the increase in fuel prices.

According to the source, the average European tourist will have to pay extra about 70 euros for short-haul flights and 300 euros for long-haul flights. However, the aforementioned tourist family will also have to pay an additional fee of 96 euros and airport taxes of about 7 euros. The total amount of surcharges was 309 euros 39 cents. “And it's very expensive,” notes an injured tourist. He added that in February he paid 2,432 euros for a holiday in Antalya for 3 people, and now the amount he will pay, including additional fees, has increased to 2,742 euros.

“Additional fuel charge of 96 euro per person for Antalya is disproportionate and unrealistic,” vacationers have already complained. Tourists are only explained that they have the right to refuse the tour if the surcharges are more than 8% of the total amount. But the problem is that in the current situation prices will not be cheaper. “For this reason, we are driven into a corner and forced to pay additional fees for fuel,” said the affected European tourists.

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