Pegasus announced the suspension of sending groups of tourists, naming the dates for the resumption of flights

Tour operator “Pegasus” published adjustments to the flight program for tourists. It was previously stated that flights abroad were closed until the end of March, but it is clear that they need to be “suspended” further. As a result, the tour operator outlined the following “temporary measures to adjust the flight program of Nord Wind, Pegas Fly, Royal Flight from the cities of the Russian Federation in connection with the closure of the airspace of countries and the imposition of sanctions by the EU.”

The measures are as follows:

  • Flight program by destination: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Maldives canceled until April 15th. Further, as the tour operator stated, for failed flights, it is possible: to rebook to alternative destinations at the price of the site or to keep funds on deposit with the possibility of their subsequent use.
  • From 03.03. to all foreign destinations, including routes:
    Egypt, Serbia, Turkey: flight program canceled until 03/31/2022
    Azerbaijan, Armenia: flight program canceled until 04/30/2022
    Greece, Jordan, Cyprus, UAE : the flight program was canceled until 05/31/2022

For canceled flights, tourists are offered similar measures, and they are also offered to “rebook for package tours of alternative destinations at the price of the site.”

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