Pegasus began selling tours to Turkey for the summer season amid the evacuation of Russians from there: prices announced

Pegas started selling tours to Turkey for the summer season amid the evacuation of Russians from there: prices announced< /p>The start of sales of package tours to the main resort province of Antalya with flights on guaranteed block places Turkish Airlines was announced by the tour operator PEGAS Touristik. Flights will start from the end of April 2022. It is paradoxical that the opening of the summer season takes place against the backdrop of the evacuation of Russian tourists from Turkish resorts, which are stuck after the events of February 24 (read more about the evacuation of our compatriots here). And on the other hand, tourist cities are filled with migrants from Russia, who, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, are fleeing the country by the thousands, not buying tour packages to Turkey, but simply emigrating from Russia for an indefinite period (details here).

On March 23, Pegas announced on its official website the launch of a daily flight program on Turkish Airlines flights on the route Moscow (Vnukovo Airport) – Antalya in two service classes – economy and business. The tour operator guarantees hotel rooms in Antalya for the summer. The program, which is scheduled to start on April 29, will cover the entire summer season and will last until the end of October.

How much do Pegas tours to Turkey cost?

The approximate prices for tours listed in the tour operator's booking system are as follows: from May 12, accommodation in a three-star hotel for two in Antalya will cost 123.1 thousand rubles for a weekly all-inclusive vacation. Another example: from June 1, a similar option will cost more – 135.6 thousand rubles, and from August 1 – 137.4 thousand rubles. In addition, tourists were reminded that a service fee of 100 euros per person in both directions is charged for each tour.

Recall that Turkey did not support the sanctions against Russia imposed by the EU. In this regard, and after the aggravation of the crisis in Ukraine, Turkish Airlines, the main Turkish air carrier, continues to fly to Russia and open new routes.

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