Popular beach country closed for Russian tourists

A popular beach country has been closed for Russian tourists

Another air carrier flying to Russia was “grounded” by insurance companies. Late Wednesday evening, a statement was circulated that Royal Air Maroc, Morocco's national carrier, was canceling all flights to Russia.

The carrier also did not hide the reasons: external pressure. “An insurance company has just put a ban on flights from Morocco to Russia. All flights are cancelled,” a spokesperson for the company said. Considering that Russian airlines also cannot fly to Morocco on imported planes, it turns out that this popular beach country has in fact become closed to Russian tourists.

Recall that the national carrier of the beach country popular among Russians is not the first on the list of those whom insurers “seated”, blackmailing them with sanctions. Earlier, the Turkish airline Pegasus Airlines suspended all flights to/from Russia from March 13 to March 27, 2022. The corresponding statement was published by the air carrier on its website. The cessation of flights is connected with the Turkish side's fear of imposing sanctions on itself, since the planes can be arrested, like Russian ones, if they continue to fly to Russia. Read more at this link.

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