Poverty clouded people's minds: a tourist told why she would never return to Egypt

Poverty clouded people's minds: a tourist told why she would never return to Egypt

“Egypt, goodbye forever!” – said in a publication in her Yandex.Zen channel a blogger who spent three months of a “non-package” trip in the country. According to her, “from the inside” the country left “more negative emotions than positive ones.” The main reason is that, according to the blogger, “if you don’t go into too much detail, you can superficially say the following about Egypt: it is a poor country.”

“Because of poverty, people act like they owe everything. Especially foreigners. By default, the Egyptians see the wealthy in visitors. Well, it’s understandable, he came – then he’s definitely rich, ”the blogger complains, while noting that in Egypt“ they don’t do anything about the problem of poverty. “There are those who work – they are mostly sellers, and the second category of people wallow and beg all day,” she says, separately noting that Egyptian children have “the initial “profession” is begging.”

“Especially in popular places like Giza, where people come from all over the world to see the pyramids. Locals do not even notice that they live in such a mysterious, energetic place – their main task is to get around as many people as possible, asking for alms several times,” she says. Further, the blogger assures that “in a remote place, somewhere in the middle of the slums”, “the same obsessed Egyptians live who see a walking wallet in a tourist.”

“Poverty has clouded people's minds, as if they do not notice the garbage that has so actively spread throughout the country. By the way, when I take a photo, many Egyptians do not approve of it, they do not like the idea that someone else will see the garbage heap, ”adds the blogger. Recall that her colleague recently ran into trouble for shooting in such places – they tried to stone him, and then arrested him.

“Many are sure that you need to come to Egypt only with a tour package, but not like me, on your own and for 3 months. My friends buy a ready-made tour package with “all inclusive” and thus have a rest for only 10 days,” the blogger adds, adding that in this case, tourists “do not feel very good”. “Many people do not like the level of Egyptian services, many complain about the attitude of the staff, the poor quality of food, as well as the poor variety of dishes. It follows from this that I will never buy a ready-made tour to Egypt, based on the bad reviews of my bag friends. I'm not going to pay big money for low quality services. But it’s worth looking at the country on your own, but for me personally, just this one trip is enough – I won’t come here again! ”, The blogger concluded.

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