Prices in Antalya went through the roof: tourists are shocked by the new reality

Prices in Antalya have skyrocketed: tourists are shocked by the new reality

Real estate rental prices in the Turkish resort of Antalya are going through the roof, continuing to break records: as Turkish publications explain, the main reason for this is tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians who decided to settle in the resort and wait out the turbulent time after the start of the Russian special operation. According to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, at least 58,000 Ukrainians and about 20,000 Russians have arrived in the country during this time. At the same time, about 29 thousand Russians and 9 thousand Ukrainians were already permanent residents of Antalya.

N.B. Earlier, the tourism industry wrote that “in Turkey, they calculated the cost of a holiday for Russian tourists and were unpleasantly surprised.”

In the end, according to real estate agents in Antalya. rental and housing prices in the city have almost tripled due to high demand. Monthly rents in some areas have jumped from 3,000 Turkish liras ($200) to 7,000-8,000 liras. Accordingly, the price of a 90 square meter apartment increased from 1.5 million liras to 3.5 million liras. 4 million lira.

At the same time, according to Turkish realtors, the demand from Russians and Ukrainians has increased rather for rent. “Mostly they prefer to rent houses rather than buy them, as they hope to return to their countries in a year,” Turkish experts say. In addition, the rent for a year in advance requires obtaining a residence permit.

At the same time, as the same experts note, visitors are clearly divided into two social strata. The first includes those all Russians and Ukrainians who are rich enough to afford such prices. In the second – those who clearly do not have the funds and at the same time they want to “cheat” realtors. For example, one of the real estate agents recalls a case when eight Ukrainians wanted to jointly rent a small two-room apartment.

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