Published a complete list of countries that remove covid restrictions this spring, where Russians can go

Complete list of countries easing covid restrictions this spring published where Russians can go

Coronavirus is slowly but surely leaving the “world” agenda. Almost all countries, in one way or another, remove anti-COVID measures, both in Europe and in Asia, and on other continents as well. Below is a list of restrictions for all countries and continents, which was presented by the experts of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia:


  • Here the tone is set by Britain, which has lifted all covid bans – and first of all, tests and quarantine for incoming tourists. The last restrictions were lifted on March 18, as a result, in England, there is a boom in tour sales already by the Easter holidays. Derek Jones, director of travel company Kunoi, said bookings have skyrocketed in recent months March will also remove most of the restrictions on covid, including the mask mode in supermarkets will be canceled.
  • The Netherlands plans to remove all covid restrictions from March 23, including on the entry of tourists from countries outside the EU. Also expected to cancel the mask mode and other easing.
  • France will also relax entry rules. All countries in the world are divided into two categories – green and orange, based on which different requirements will apply to travelers. Russia is “in theory” in the orange zone: those who are vaccinated with vaccines approved by the EMA and WHO will need to present an appropriate certificate for entry. The rest will need a certificate of recovery or a negative COVID-19 test result no older than 72 hours. Upon arrival, a selective medical examination and testing for coronavirus is possible.

As for countries that in Europe do not “supply”, but receive tourists, the situation is as follows:

    < li>Italy will abandon sanitary passports from May 1st, while in April “European” QR codes will not be required to visit most places in the open air, in May they will be completely abolished. Quarantine for contacts is also canceled. At the same time, Italy continues to issue visas to Russian tourists.
  • Bulgaria will also abolish “green certificates” at the entrance to all public places from March 21.
  • Greece from March 15 no longer requires you to fill out a passenger search form (PLF). Romania has already taken similar measures.


  • So far, everything is somewhat stricter here, but nevertheless, Thailand removes the requirement for PCR tests from April 1, made prior to departure to the country. At the entrance tests are required. Internal rules are also relaxed
  • Iran also simplified the conditions for entry, including for Russian tourists: for vaccinated travelers – others are simply not allowed into the country – a PCR test is no longer needed. All you need is a certificate of vaccination (“Sputnik V”) in English, confirming full vaccination at least 15 days before arrival in Iran.
  • Cambodia from March 17 no longer requires from vaccinated – including “ Sputnik”, as well as “EpiVakKorona” tourists testing for COVID-19. The unvaccinated remain in quarantine for 14 days.
  • Vietnam has been open to foreign tourists since March 15. A negative covid test will be required for entry, and express testing awaits travelers upon arrival. Insurance with coronavirus coverage is also required.
  • Mongolia has removed almost all sanitary requirements for arrivals from abroad since March 14. Quarantine, PCR tests and rapid testing on arrival have been cancelled. Of the mandatory requirements, only filling out a health questionnaire remains.
  • The Maldives no longer requires PCR tests for unvaccinated tourists, and has also removed the mask regime.
  • Mauritius has also already canceled the pre-departure PCR test for vaccinated tourists. However, coronavirus testing on arrival remains mandatory.

However, I will have to add – coronavirus closures for Russian tourists have been replaced by “sanctions”, perhaps even more stringent. To understand where a tourist can go, now you have to look at the political map. According to such a map, six Russian airlines, and almost thirty more foreign ones make it possible to “get through” even to Europe – experts have compiled a detailed list of the current state of “loopholes” for Russians through Western air sanctions – at least for tourists, at least for those who panic and want to sit out “difficult times” abroad.

At the moment, according to the statement of experts, Russia maintains air communication and accessibility with twenty countries. They present the following list:

29 airlines fly to Russia from the following countries:

  1. Algeria
  2. Armenia
  3. Bahrain
  4. Belarus
  5. Venezuela
  6. Israel
  7. India,
  8. Iraq,
  9. Iran,
  10. Kazakhstan,
  11. Qatar,
  12. < li>Kyrgyzstan,

  13. Morocco,
  14. Mongolia,
  15. UAE,
  16. Serbia,
  17. Syria,< /li>
  18. Tajikistan,
  19. Turkmenistan,
  20. Turkey
  21. Uzbekistan.

Here, however, it is worth making a clarification: the international lobby of insurers has already “planted” the Moroccan airline, banning its flights to Russia. At the moment, the actual information war against flights to Serbia continues – about which periodic fakes about mining are received, and Russian publications are also willing to pick up fakes about canceling flights.

Also, six Russian carriers still dare to fly abroad – mainly those who are allowed to do so by the existing fleet of “Superjets” that are not subject to sanctions. It should be noted that according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, there are only 147 such airliners in the country, and not all of them operate on foreign flights. However, ours still operates 250 flights per week to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. For details about what else is available for our tourists, read the article “A Window to the Foreign: Which Countries and Which Airlines Can Russians Travel to Now”.

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