Published TOP of the best nude beaches in Europe

TOP of the best nudist beaches in Europe published

The list of the most popular beaches for those who like to sunbathe “in kind” was presented by the British tabloid The Sun. Nudist beaches are “concentrated” in most of the popular holiday destinations of Europeans – countries such as Greece, France and Spain. The highlighted ten is:

  1. Cap d'Agde Village, France: The beach is located in a naturist village, and is over a mile long where all tourists can walk naked. There are also entertainment, including foam parties, where “anything can happen”, as tourists write in their reviews.
  2. Little Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece: The official naturist beach on the Greek island of Skiathos attracts regular visitors every year looking for a less raucous experience. As these visitors assure, it is “quiet and there are plenty of sun loungers.”
  3. Bune 16, Germany – German skinny tanners may not have to leave the country. The place, however, is not crowded – on one of the oldest nudist beaches in Germany there are “more seals than people”, as the weather is not always favorable. However, tourists are assured that you can still undress in the sauna right on the beach.
  4. Red Beach, Crete – A popular nude beach that has received a couple of funny reviews. Someone wrote that: “If you like naked old men jumping on hot sand and trying to get out of an umbrella into the water, you've come to the right place.” Tourists were also warned that it was necessary to use a protective cream, as “you need to walk there a bit, and it is very hot in Greece.”
  5. Valalta Beach, Croatia – The beach is located next to a naturist camp founded in 1968. However, as visitors say, with sunset, “for some reason, people get dressed, although it’s still warm outside.” However, other lovers come here specifically to spend the whole holiday naked.
  6. Es Tren, Mallorca: “A beautiful isolated beach where you leave your suit on the sand,” tourists recommend. They also note that the shallow waters of the beach are ideal for rowing.
  7. The beach of Tahiti, France, the subject of the 1950s Brigitte Bardot film And God Created Women, still invites lovers to a “pristine environment that will allow travelers to enjoy their stay in complete serenity.”
  8. Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece: we are talking, as lovers specify, about “the extreme right side of the beach, overlooking the sea.” “In our experience, there are about 30 or 40 naked people there in June,” they write. Also, tourists assure that “this beautiful beach competes with the shores of Thailand.”

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