Renting accommodation to tourists told how they steal everything, including toilet paper

Tourist renter told how they steal everything, including toilet paper

“And what to do with these?” – complained about tourists in TikTok user @propertyempress, the owner of several apartments for rent in the Airbnb service. According to her, she takes care of her guests and leaves them little bonus greetings – however, they did not appreciate her kindness at all, and they surrounded the apartment with everything, including 30 rolls of toilet paper.

“We have a moral dilemma – we we have an Airbnb guest who hasn't behaved very well,” she writes to her 54,000 followers. According to her, she leaves a small welcome pack for all guests – a basket that includes bags of chips, cookies, sweets and milk, and tourists in the apartment receive toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and bath salts, and also toilet paper.

However, the new guests – their nationality is not specified – managed to find a closet in the apartment where the supplies for this basket lay and raked it clean. “They took 30 rolls of toilet paper, 10 bottles of toiletries and everything for a welcome basket of food. They took everything so we have nothing to give to the next guests,” she states. In addition, tourists put things in order – even moving things like a refrigerator, smoking in the apartment and leaving cigarette butts everywhere.

“Honestly, some people are incredibly arrogant!” “I would charge them for stolen goods,” users comment. But there are also sympathizers: “You should lock this closet and store nothing at all in the rented apartment,” they advise the victim. She only said that she blacklisted these guests and would no longer rent an apartment to them – and does not advise others.

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