Revealed the secret of how a 20-year-old Russian became a freelancer and went to live in Thailand

The secret of how a 20-year-old Russian became a freelancer and went to live in Thailand was revealed

In 2022, freelancers should leave for Thailand easier than it was 15 years ago, because “when working at a “computer” and visa covid extensions, half of the problems are solved automatically,” the Russian woman inspired “long-term” tourists with this statement. She told the story of a young guy moving to the country of year-round summer on the Yandex.Zen channel.

In particular, the Russian woman became aware that her new acquaintance was transferred to the correspondence department in order to continue his studies in Russia, enlisted the support of his parents for the first time and found a job online. Comparing the story of her move during the era of offline earnings and a 20-year-old compatriot who moved in the freelance era, the blogger noted that her path to the kingdom was more difficult and expensive.

So, upon arrival in Thailand 16 years ago, she rented a small apartment without a kitchen and a pool for 4,500 baht (less than 11,000 rubles at the current exchange rate). However, for the same money, her interlocutor rented housing, comparable in area to the “Khrushchev kopeck piece”, with a swimming pool and a hundred meters from the sea.

However, it was not without a fly in the ointment. In Pattaya, while covid restrictions are in effect, it was difficult for the “remote worker” to find peers for communication. All around are pensioners. However, a solution was found here too: the guy settled on communicating with a group of like-minded people who play football.

“What I want to say: I thought that 16 years ago it was easier for young people to move, because there was a lot of work, a lot of peers. It turned out, on the contrary: now, when working at a computer and visa extensions, half of the problems are solved automatically. Rent is cheap. And the fact that there are no peers is a plus. I used to spend all my money with them either on discos, or on massages or dinner at the Japanese restaurant Fuji. And this way you can save or save,” she said.

$500 (40,000 rubles) – this is the monthly amount that the Russian determined for himself. In his opinion, if you cook mostly on your own and do not have fun all night long, then this is enough to live comfortably in a paradise resort. “A sort of quest for independence – will it pass or not?” – the author added.

Due to large-scale anti-Russian sanctions, foreign freelance exchanges have disabled access to Russians, however, there is a way out for remote workers who have moved to Thailand: “In Thailand, this problem is solved quickly, you just need to show the contract rent.”

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