Rhodes in June: Helios Island welcomes guests

Rhodes – the fourth largest island in Greece and a real pearl of the Mediterranean. Warmed in the rays of the sun god Helios, every year it welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. The tourist season in the resort begins in May and lasts until October inclusive.

Rhodes in June is chosen for those who cannot stand the intense heat, tourists aimed at sightseeing holidays, and families with children. The beginning of summer is ideal for both sunbathing and sea bathing, as well as visiting the many attractions of the resort.

From our review, you will find out what kind of weather prevails in the resorts of the island in the first month of summer, whether it is already possible to swim in the sea, which beaches are better to choose for a family vacation. We also offer a list of the most popular attractions in Rhodes and a list of interesting places to visit with children.

Rhodes in June: Helios Island welcomes guests

Rest on Rhodes in June: advantages and disadvantages

Rhodes is beautiful at any time of the year. In June it is a comfortable European resort with good service and developed tourist infrastructure. On tourist sites and forums, grateful tourists leave numerous positive reviews about their holidays in Rhodes in June.

The beginning of summer can be called the best time to visit the sunny Greek island, and here's why:

  • The real summer heat has not yet arrived, the weather is comfortable, moderately warm.
  • You can not be afraid that the long-awaited vacation will be ruined by rains: in June, there is practically no rainfall in Rhodes.
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  • The temperature of the water in the sea is already suitable for swimming.
  • The peak of the tourist season in Rhodes is in July – August. In June, you can still relax at the resort without crowds of tourists.
  • June – a great time to see the sights of a Greek island.
  • Prices for hotels, activities and excursions in the first month of summer have not yet reached their seasonal maximum.

Talk about disadvantages rest in such a heavenly place as Rhodes is not necessary. However, some nuances are still worth considering, especially if you are planning a vacation with children:

  • At the beginning of the first summer month, the sea can be invigorating and refreshing.
  • June in Rhodes is cool in the evenings. And if real beach weather has already set in the resort during the day, then a light jacket will come in handy for evening walks.

Rhodes – this is the place where you want to return more than once, because it is unlikely that you will get to know the island and feel all its flavor in one tour.

Weather in Rhodes in June

Weather in June &ndash ; July in Rhodes is truly summer. With the beginning of the season, the resort offers a complete beach holiday. The weather in early June is quite comfortable: there is still no exhausting heat and stuffiness, but it is already warm and sunny.

Tourists can stay by the sea for a long time, take long walks, get acquainted with numerous historical sights.

The temperature in Rhodes in mid-June rises in the daytime to + 25 ° 28 ° C, in the evening it is also warm and dry. The water in the sea continues to warm up, and swimming becomes much more pleasant. Even kids are happy to splash at the water's edge, and parents don't have to worry that the baby will freeze.

The weather in Rhodes at the end of June is hot in summer. The sun is getting hotter and hotter, so when sunbathing, be sure to use a cream with UV protection.

Air and water temperature

The Mediterranean climate of Rhodes is characterized by mild winters and hot, but not stuffy, summers. Due to the unique wind pattern, which is dominated by southwest winds, the temperature in Rhodes in June is never extremely hot.

Air temperature in Rhodes in June

In June, the average daytime air temperature in Rhodes is +26.8 °C, at night this figure is slightly lower and equals +21.8 °C. The increase in temperature during the month occurs smoothly, no sharp jumps are observed, and significant cooling is also not expected.

Sea water temperature in Rhodes in June

At as the air warms up, the temperature of the water in the sea off the coast of Rhodes also rises. And if in the first days of the month the sea water barely warms up to +20 °C, then at the end of June the water temperature is stable at +25 °27 °C.

The average sea water temperature in the first month summer on the resort Greek island is +23.6 °C.


According to weather forecasters, June is one of the driest months of the year in Rhodes. The average rainfall on the island in the first month of summer is only 22.9 mm, which promises only 1 rainy day.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

With the advent of summer, the sun in Rhodes abounds. No wonder the patron of the island, the sun god Helios, chose it as his place of refuge. In June, 93% of the days of the month are clear and sunny, and only 7% of June days are partly cloudy.

Beach holidays on a sunny island

Rhodes in June: the island of Helios welcomes guests

So where is the best place to relax in Rhodes? When choosing a resort, tourists first of all take into account the features of the beaches: pebble or sandy, how quickly the depth in the coastal zone increases, whether the sea is calm.

Tourist infrastructure, remoteness from the main excursion routes and the possibility of various and a rich leisure time for the whole family.

  • Beaches of Rhodes for families with children

There are a lot of beaches in Rhodes, and in the beginning June, they all begin to fill with vacationers. We offer a list of the most convenient beach areas for families with children.

  • "Faliraki" It is a wide sandy strip more than 4 km long. Umbrellas, sun loungers, many water attractions and cozy cafes – hospitable Greeks do their best to make guests satisfied. The only drawback of the beach is that it is always crowded at the end of June.
  • «Agati»rightfully considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes. The rocky coast and coniferous forests make the landscape incredibly attractive. In addition, the sea here is always quiet and calm, which is very convenient for kids.
  • «Plakia» is suitable for those who love a quiet secluded vacation. In mid-June, when the sea water has already warmed up, try your hand at diving: on Plakia; very diverse underwater world. You can rent equipment for classes right on the beach.
  • «Gennadi»– the Blue Flag beach is one of the best beaches in Rhodes. There is always clear and clean water, and there are practically no waves, but the depth of the sea increases dramatically.

Sightseeing holidays

Rhodes in June: Helios Island Welcomes Guests

It is impossible to get the most complete picture of Rhodes without visiting its unique sights. Kidpassage has prepared for you its own selection of interesting places on the island, which you should definitely visit. In addition, the June weather is the best conducive to educational excursions.

  1. The ancient city of Rhodes is located in the northern part of the island and is one large and extremely interesting attraction. You can touch the history of the Greek island already in its capital: Street of the Knights, Suleiman Mosque, Cathedral– describe the ancient city can be infinitely long. It's definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.
  2. Lindos City – an amazing settlement, whose history begins in the 6th century BC. e. After walking through its narrow streets, relax in one of the cozy restaurants. Here you will be offered dishes of traditional Greek cuisine, and in the souvenir shops of Lindos you will find unusual authentic souvenirs for friends and acquaintances.
  3. Kamiros introduces tourists to the history of ancient Greece. The ruins of the ancient acropolis, located in the city, are not inferior in scale to Ancient Pompeii. Excavations are still being carried out here today, and scientists continue to find unique artifacts.

If you are traveling with children and want to diversify your family vacation, then we recommend the following interesting locations:

  1. Butterfly Valley is one of the most picturesque places on the island. An incredible sight: millions of yellow-black butterflies completely cover the crown of centuries-old trees. Don't forget your camera and camcorder, these shots will become a decoration of your family photo album.
  2. Zoo and ostrich farm will delight any child. Here you can get acquainted with various animals and birds, ride a camel and taste unusual dishes from ostrich eggs.
  • Rhodes entertainment for children and adults

Holidays, events, festivals

The calendar of significant events in Rhodes includes both secular and religious events. Holidays on Rhodes in June are always interesting and colorful, because the Greeks love and know how to have fun.

  • In June, the traditional Medieval Festival is held on the island. It lasts for several days, and festival participants come from all over Greece. In the program of the event – performances by circus performers, fire shows, exciting jousting and costume processions.
  • June 23 & ndash; 24 June an interesting and unusual local holiday is celebrated in Rhodes – Midsummer Night(similar to the Old Slavic Ivan Kupala Day). These days, local youth arrange noisy night festivities, during which it is customary to burn flowers and fragrant herbs collected in May. It is believed that fire drives away evil spirits.
  • At the end of June, Orthodox Greeks celebrate Peter and Paul Day. In all the temples of Rhodes, solemn services are held, but the main celebrations are concentrated in the small town of Lindos. According to legend, it was here that the Apostle Paul first went ashore after the shipwreck.

Vacation prices

Rhodes in June: Helios Island welcomes guests

Let's say right away that the prices for holidays on the resort Greek islands are slightly higher than on the continent. Rhodes is no exception. But after all, a vacation is just a vacation to indulge in excesses, and the resort of Rhodes will delight you with wonderful entertainment, delicious cuisine and unusual souvenirs.

With the beginning of summer, there are more and more tourists on the beaches of the resort, and, of course, prices in Rhodes also start to creep up in June.

Hotel prices

The choice of vacationers on the island of Rhodes is represented by a large number of accommodation options: these are inexpensive hotels, and VIP apartments, and affordable hotel rooms for families. Hotel prices vary depending on seasonality and the level of service provided.

In June, the average price of a hotel room is 150 euros per night. In May, the cost of living is 35% lower, and already in July, accommodation prices increase by 10–15%.

  • The best hotels in Rhodes for families with children

Flight prices

Most tourists arrive in Rhodes by air. The airport is located near the resort town of the same name, on the west coast of the island. It is here that charter and regular flights from many countries of the world arrive.

Air travel in June will cost 25% more than in May. The increase in prices for air tickets continues in July, but the growth rate is not so rapid: in the middle of summer, air tickets go up by 5–7% compared to the first summer month.

Prices for tours

< p>The hospitable Greek island is popular with tourists throughout the year, but summer tours are predictably in high demand.

In June, the cost of a week-long tour to Rhodes with standard accommodation is about 300 euros per person. The same trip in May will cost 20% cheaper, in July the cost of tours increases by 5–7%.

Recommendations for children

Rhodes in June: Helios Island welcomes guests

Do not go wrong if you choose Rhodes for a family holiday with children in the first month of summer. Thanks to the mild climate, the acclimatization of little travelers will pass almost unnoticed, and all conditions are created here for tourists with children.

  • Family holidays in Rhodes: Kidpassage tips

You don't need any special travel arrangements, even if you're traveling with an infant, but KidPassage has prepared some important tips for parents:

  1. For families, it's best to choose hotels in the Southeast part of the island, because it is here that the best sandy beaches are located.
  2. You should not worry about the nutrition of the baby: the hotels provide a children's menu.
  3. Do not forget to put sunscreen in the bags, a light blouse for the baby also useful for evening walks.

Travel with Kid Passage and meet the summer on a sunny Greek island. We hope our advice will be useful to you. See you soon on the pages of Kidpassage magazine!


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