Rhodes in May: the first steps towards summer

The Greek gods did not stint and generously endowed Rhodes — rich flora and fauna, a climate that makes the island warm all year round, many natural and historical attractions, as well as two seas at once — Aegean and Mediterranean. In the spring, the island literally blooms.

May, of course, is not the best time for a beach holiday, but if you are going on vacation not only to swim, then feel free to choose Rhodes. Believe me, you will definitely not be bored on the island: a lot of impressions and vivid emotions are guaranteed.

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

Rest on Rhodes in May: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

From the end of spring, tourists begin to actively flood the resorts of the island. Many people come here for the May holidays. But, arriving at the very beginning of the season, it is worth considering that holidays during this period have some distinctive features. On the net you will find a lot of reviews about holidays in Rhodes in May, you will learn about the disadvantages and advantages of the trip from the comments.

Here are the plusestravelers most often name:

  • Neither rains, nor winds, nor cloudy days will spoil your vacation, because in the spring it is almost always warm and sunny in Rhodes.
  • Vacation prices are just starting to rise. Holidays during the May holidays will be cheaper than in summer.
  • It becomes more convenient to get to the island, as charter flights begin flying at the end of May.
  • Fruit can be bought here throughout the year, in In May, strawberries, cherries, peaches, cherries and exotic medlars ripen.

Rhodes in May would be an absolutely perfect place to spend your holidays, if not for a few nuances:

  • It is unlikely that you will be able to swim in the seas if you came here at the beginning of the month. The waters of the Aegean Sea are cool even in summer, but the Mediterranean Sea will warm up only by the end of May.
  • Since the high season has just started, not all tourist infrastructure is working yet. It is mainly about entertainment, cafes and excursions — in the last month of spring, certain locations are just starting to open.

The weather in Rhodes in May

Weather in Rhodes in May — June is great for families. On warm days, it is pleasant to attend excursions, stroll along the embankments, sunbathe in a sun lounger and swim. However, the sea is not ideally warmed up, the water invigorates rather than relaxes.

The weather in early May is already warm enough to dress in light summer clothes. But sundresses and T-shirts — a good option only for daytime walks, at night on the island the air temperature rarely rises above +15…18°C. A warm jacket will not be superfluous in your suitcase.

The temperature in Rhodes rises rapidly in mid-May. Every day the sea warms up more and more, the tan clings faster, so you just don’t want to leave the beach. The weather is stable, most likely there will be no unpleasant surprises in the form of an overcast sky, heavy wind and heavy rain.

The weather in Rhodes at the end of May is typically summer. Both seas have warmed up quite well (it won’t be possible to splash for a long time, but even children can take a dip a couple of times), the sun warms the resort more and more with its rays — in general, ideal weather conditions for recreation have been created.

The May weather on the island is quite deceptive. Since the heat is still not too noticeable due to the freshness of the sea, a light breeze and the level of humidity, many people neglect to protect themselves, but it is very easy to get a heatstroke or burn during this period. Therefore, do not relax too much, lose vigilance and forget about precautions. Hats and sunscreen should always be on hand.

Air and water temperatures

Climate of Rhodes — typical mediterranean, which is considered the most favorable for relaxation. The island is located on the very edge of the south, so it is never cold here even in winter. The hot, sultry summer smoothly turns into autumn, which gives way to a warm winter, without frost and snowfall.

Air temperature in Rhodes in May

The average daily temperature in Rhodes in May is +22.7 °C. At night, the thermometer drops to +18.3 °C. By the end of May, the indicators increase, often in the last ten days of the month, vacationers can even catch +27°30 °C.

Sea water temperature in Rhodes in May

< p>The average water temperature is +20.7 °C. The water is still cool, and for those who want to swim in the sea, it is better to plan a trip for the end of May. It is also worth considering that the Mediterranean Sea is several degrees warmer than the Aegean.


Rain will not overshadow your May holidays, as the probability of precipitation is extremely small. Do not overload your luggage with unnecessary items such as umbrellas and raincoats. For the whole month, only 2 rainy days are expected, which bring with them 47.8 mm of precipitation.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

86% of the time the island is sunny. Cloudy days take 11%. Cloudy days account for the remaining 3%.

Beach holidays in Rhodes

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

People come to the island just for the sake of a beach holiday, which lasts here from May until November itself. On the western side, Rhodes is washed by the Aegean Sea, and on the eastern side — Mediterranean, so the rest in these two regions is slightly different. The Mediterranean Sea is warmer than the Aegean. In addition, there are often waves in the west, which makes this part of the coast so popular with windsurfers.

  • The beaches of Rhodes for families with children

The coast of Rhodes stretches for as much as 220 km. On such a vast territory, everyone, even the most demanding tourist, will be able to find a corner to their liking. “Wild” and well-equipped beaches, sandy and pebbly areas, secluded bays and noisy crowded places — there are many things to see on the island.

Rhodes has many beaches that have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award. These places are ideal for family holidays, as they are distinguished by excellent ecology and clean water.

East Coast (Mediterranean Sea)

Most of the beaches are located on the east coast, which is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The fact is that the water here is much warmer and calmer than in the west. In addition, there is mostly a gentle cleared slope, which is very important for tourists with children. Toddlers will find plenty of playgrounds, and adults — a large number of active entertainment and the opportunity to do water sports.

The best beaches on the east side for families are considered:

  • «Agia Agata»< /li>
  • “Afanda”
  • “Calithea”
  • “Kiotari”< /strong>
  • “Stegna”

West coast (Aegean Sea)

As for the west coast, which is rolled by stormy waves, windsurfers have chosen it. The Aegean Sea is often stormy, and the water is still cold even at the end of May. Kids will definitely not be able to swim, but the most seasoned adults manage to make a couple of swims.

In addition, in this part of the coast there is a rather sharp descent into the water and a rocky bottom — not the best factors when choosing a place for a family vacation. But in defense of the western region, we can say that the purity of water and air is at the highest level, and many beaches boast excellent infrastructure.

Popular beaches on the Aegean Sea:

  • “Ialyssos”
  • “Tholos”
  • “Ixia”

Sightseeing holidays in Rhodes

Mild weather is ideal for the excursion program, which is extremely rich here. There are so many attractions in Rhodes: preserved knightly fortresses and dilapidated ancient Greek cities, mosques of incredible beauty and Orthodox churches, picturesque reserves and parks. A very large number of local attractions are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Things to do with children in Rhodes

Rhodes Fortress< /h3>

Rhodes in May: the first steps towards summer

One of the most famous tourist sites is the Rhodes Fortress, or, as it is also called, the Fortress of the Knights. The majestic building of the times of the Byzantine Empire rises in the very center of the capital of the island, on the territory of the Old City. In early May, before it gets too hot, you can not only see the fortress, but also take a walk along the old streets.

In ancient times, when enemy raids were often made on Rhodes, it was this structure that was considered the most impregnable. Today, the Rhodes Fortress, 4 km long, is the longest fortress in all of Europe. Entrance to the territory is free, you only have to pay for tickets to the museum located inside the building.

Monolithos Castle

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

Another building that protects the island from invaders was erected during the Middle Ages by the Knights Hospitaller. Its highlight in the location — Monolithos is built on top of a mountain, at an altitude of 100 m above sea level. From here, a panorama from which is literally breathtaking opens. Today, only ruins remain of the castle, but this does not reduce the interest of tourists. Almost in its original form, the chapel of St. Panteleimon of the 15th century has been preserved. Moreover, it still works.

Valley of the Seven Springs (Epta Pegues)

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

At the end of May it gets hot, so it is better to visit either museums or excursions by the water. The latter include the Valley of the Seven Springs, located in a picturesque coniferous forest. At once in seven places springs of fresh water hit the surface, flowing into the river Lutanis. The reservoir keeps heading into the underground tunnel, through which the tour takes place. In the middle of the 150-meter semi-flooded trail there is a ventilation shaft — light enters the tunnel only from here. By the way, in May, tourists have the last opportunity to see the springs, as they dry up due to the intense heat in summer.

Rhodes has a lot of interesting things not only for adults, but also for children. Young guests of the island can have fun and relax in the following places:

  • Water Park
  • Butterfly Valley
  • aquarium
  • Rodini Park
  • karting center in Faliraki, Damatria or Lardos

Holidays, events, festivals

Throughout the year, the island hosts many festivals that attract people from all over the world. Most of the celebrations take place in the summer, when local resorts are overcrowded with vacationers. Since the season is just beginning at the end of spring, there are not so many holidays in Rhodes in May. 

May 1 is traditionally celebrated throughout Greece Labor Day. In big cities, you can see demonstrations and processions, but basically the Greeks do not celebrate the day of solidarity of workers, but the festival of spring and flowers. At this time, it is customary to collect wild flowers and weave wreaths from them, which are then hung on doorknobs to scare away evil spirits. Wreaths are not thrown away until August 15 (Assumption of the Virgin), then they are burned at the stake. May 1 is an official holiday.

May 9 in — Mother's Day. If you came to the island with your mother, please her with a nice little gift.

Museum excursions are best planned for May 18, because on this day admission is free. On the 18th, International Museum Day is celebrated everywhere.

May 19 — a sad date for the locals who celebrate the Remembrance Day of the Greeks of Asia Minor. Officially, the Turkish invaders killed 353 thousand people, which accounted for almost half of the country's population.

On May 27, the religious inhabitants of Greece celebrate Ivan the Russian Day, which is one of the most revered saints. May 21 in the Orthodox calendar there is another religious holiday — The Day of Saints Constantine and Helena.

In the last week of May, the Rose Festival is celebrated in Old Rhodes. On holidays, the city is buried in flowers, the streets are shrouded in an incredible aroma. Locals dress up in medieval clothes and act out theatrical scenes from the past life of Old Rhodes.

Prices for holidays in May

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

Since the influx of tourists to the island is just beginning, the prices in Rhodes in May are much lower than in the hot summer. However, the cost of a holiday during the tourist season is growing very quickly, so you should not put off a trip on the back burner if you want to save a little on your vacation.

Price of tours

In May, buying a tour to Rhodes costs tourists 38% cheaper than in April. But with the onset of summer, tour operators inflate prices for their services. In June, the tour costs 44% more.


Passengers who travel to the island in late spring pay 18% more than April prices. In June, air travel becomes 7% more expensive.


In the last month of spring, accommodation in local hotels is 10% cheaper than in April. At the beginning of summer, the cost increases by 46%. In April, guests pay an average of 90 euros per room, in May — 81 euros, in June — 151 euros

  • The best family hotels in Rhodes

Meals and transfers

Many local hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, but this does not mean at all that you need to give up going to a cafe or restaurant. Greek cuisine includes simple healthy dishes that are suitable even for children. As for the cost, it depends on the class of the institution. Lunch in a cafe will cost 10-15 euros, in a restaurant the cost of a similar meal starts from 20 euros (excluding wine). For 2–3 euros you can have a bite to eat fast food.

  • Meals in Rhodes: how to organize and how much it costs

The only form of public transport — buses KTEL (east coast) and PODA (capital and western part). The fare depends on the distance. There are also taxi services on the island.

How to dress in Rhodes

Rhodes in May: first steps towards summer

In the first decade of the month, in the evenings on the island, especially in the eastern region, it is quite cool and windy. Jeans, sneakers and long sleeve shirts will keep you comfortable during your night out. During the day, feel free to wear light dresses, short shorts and T-shirts.

In the middle and end of May, Rhodes is warm even after sunset, but you should still take a few long-sleeve sweaters with you so that a possible cold snap does not overshadow the evening and boat trips.

Be sure to take swimwear, as well as other beach clothes and shoes. Swimming in the sea may not work, but getting covered with a beautiful even tan — easy!

Recommendations for holidays with children

May — a wonderful month in order to comfortably relax in Rhodes with a child. There are still not as many people as next month, and the weather conditions are no worse than June. Those who come to the island at the end of the month will even be able to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are attracted exclusively to a beach holiday, then it is better to postpone the trip to the summer.

The end of spring is well suited for recovery, as well as for excursions. The low water temperature in the sea is fully compensated by the abundance of children's entertainment, so kids and teenagers do not get bored here.

Do you like to lie lazily with a book in a sun lounger? Or maybe you like mountain walks? Or do you want to learn more about the culture and traditions of Greece? In Rhodes, all your desires will be taken into account and fulfilled, because here you can find holidays for every taste and budget.

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  • < /ul>

    When indulging in Rhodes entertainment, do not forget about your family and friends who will be delighted with a gift from abroad. In choosing a present, the Kid Passage “What to bring as a gift from Rhodes: 18 souvenirs from the sunny island” will help you. You will leave yourself a huge baggage of pleasant memories, after a vacation you will not leave a good mood from a good time for a long time.  


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