Rosaviatsia: flight safety will not be compromised due to GPS signal failures

Rosaviatsia reassured passengers: possible failures of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals will not affect flight safety.

Rosaviatsia: flight safety will not be compromised due to GPS signal failures

After receiving information from the European Safety Agency flights (EASA) about possible failures of GPS signals, Rosaviatsia proactively warned Russian airlines and interested organizations about this. At the same time, the Russian department has not yet received data on the presence of real failures or failures of equipment that is designed to support flights, and on-board equipment of aircraft that use GPS signals.

“Global navigation satellite signals systems are not the only, but only one of the possible sources of information for on-board systems and crews of an aircraft about its location. In addition to satellite navigation, the location of the aircraft is determined by the inertial navigation system of the aircraft, as well as by ground systems and means of navigation and landing “, the press service of the Federal Air Transport Agency reports.

It is specified that at 115 airports The Russian Federation has installed local control and correction stations that continuously monitor the status of GLONASS and GPS signals, issue corrections to them and immediately transmit information about failures to the aircraft and automated workstations of air traffic controllers in the event of any anomalies in navigation signals.

Thus, disabling or disrupting GPS on the territory of the Russian Federation will not affect the safety of flights.


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