Rostourism has selected 48 regions for grants in 2023

Rostourism, within the framework of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, selected 48 regions on a competitive basis, which in 2023 will be able to hold a competition for business among projects in tourism for grant support.

Rosturizm has selected 48 regions for grants in 2023

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“Grant support is provided based on the results of the competition in the form of interbudgetary transfers to the regions. At the same time, the provision of federal budget funds to the regions will be carried out on the principles of co-financing. That is, the regions that have passed the selection should also provide funds in the regional budgets for grant support for the tourism business “, the press service of the Federal Tourism Agency reports.

It is clarified that the final funding parameters will be determined after the approval of the federal budget for 2023 In total, it is planned to support at least 1 thousand projects for 5.3 billion rubles. The support measure provides for three types of grants.

Thus, 44 regions will receive about 3.1 billion rubles for the creation and development of beach areas on the shores of the seas, rivers and lakes, as well as for the creation and development of national tourist routes . It is expected that 375 projects will be supported.

The second type of grants is for the creation of campsites and car campsites. It is planned to support 150 projects in 10 regions. 700 million rubles will be allocated for this.

21 regions will receive 1.55 billion rubles for the purchase of tourist equipment, the creation of electronic guides, the development of a tourist environment for people with disabilities, the purchase of equipment for information centers and rental points, the development new tourist routes, including marking, navigation, organization of recreation areas, etc. About 500 projects will be supported in this way.


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