Rostourism launches an autumn window for sales of tours with cashback

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, during a meeting on tourism in Altai, which was attended by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova, announced the start dates for a new stage of selling tours with cashback.

Rostourism launches autumn sales window for tours with cashback

According to the press service of Rostourism, sales will begin on the night of August 25 and will last until September 10 inclusive. It will be possible to go on a trip from October 1 until December 25, and on a cruise – from September 1 until the end of navigation.

It is important to note that there are changes in the program from this autumn stage:

  • Now the program includes trips of 3 nights or more. This still allows you to go on weekend trips.
  • On behalf of the President, an increased cashback has been introduced for trips to the regions of the Far East. Tourists who buy accommodation in hotels in the Far East from program partners will be able to get back 20 percent of the cost, up to a maximum of 40 thousand rubles.

The rest of the program remains the same. All regions of the country participate without exception, and you need to pay for a trip or a hotel with a MIR card. It is important that if the amount planned for cashback is chosen by tourists before the end of the sales window, the program will be stopped ahead of schedule. And if the money remains, the sales period will be extended.


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