Rostourism shared details of new laws for tourism

One of the important tasks of Rostourism for the current year is the adoption of a new law on tourism. Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova shared some features of the expected new laws.

Rosturizm shared details of new laws for tourism

According to the head of Rostourism, the main task of the new law on tourism is more effective protection of the rights of tourists and the safety of their funds. The problem to be solved to accomplish this task is an ineffective system of financial guarantees.

“We have proposed a mechanism that is supported by all tourist associations, the main outbound tour operators. We hope that this year a new law on tourism will be adopted”, Interfax quotes the words of Zarina Doguzova

According to the head of the department, Rostourism studied the laws of various countries, analyzed various aspects, took the best and formulated an advanced law that corresponds to Russian realities.

In addition, the State Duma is expected to adopt a law on electronic tours. The key condition of the law is free for tour operators, for business. “The law in its current form is balanced, suits both business and the state. It solves the tasks that it should solve – increasing the transparency of collecting information on the sales of tour operators, – said Zarina Doguzova.

Rostourism also expects that in 2022 a law on guest houses will be adopted, which aims to increase transparency, quality for tourism and create conditions for businesses that want to work legally.

Rostourism is also working in the direction of standardizing tourism destinations. For example, the department faces the task of creating or updating about 65 national guests in tourism by 2024. Among them are the standards for hotels “all inclusive” and “ultra all inclusive”.


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