Rostourism spoke about the increase in prices for accommodation in tourist facilities

Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova told whether Russians should expect an increase in prices for accommodation in tourist sites in Russia.

-5% to 10%. Further rise in prices is possible within the limits of inflation. “It is clear that at the peak of the season, as the high holiday season approaches – in July, August, September – prices traditionally rise. But we expect that growth, if any, will be slightly above inflation, or below, or within the range of inflation. We do not see price increases of up to 50%, we do not predict”, TASS quotes the words of Zarina Doguzova.

It is expected that, first of all, the price increase will affect objects that qualify as “four stars” and “five stars”. The factors that influence the rise in prices are the following:

  • Seasonal factor;
  • Rising costs;
  • Lack of high-quality modern infrastructure.

Zarina Doguzova also said that prices largely depend on which mass foreign destinations will be opened. “Prices largely depend on what mass foreign destinations will be opened, therefore our efforts, including together with tour operators, businesses, are focused on ensuring that in the main mass destinations, these are primarily Turkey, Egypt, tours took place and trips were possible “, – assured the head of the Federal Tourism Agency.


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