Rugby tourist kills motorcycle thief in Thailand who turns out to be a boxer

In Thailand, a rugby tourist killed a thief on a motorcycle, who turned out to be a boxer

A British tourist managed to stop a boxer thief who was trying to escape with “profit” on a motorcycle. The theft took place in the popular resort of Ao Nang in Krabi province, southern Thailand. The incident, which was recorded by surveillance cameras, was reported by the Daily Mail.

Early in the morning on April 24, while a British tourist was in a boat with his girlfriend, and a 34-year-old local resident, having noticed the bag left by the couple, was walking along the beach. At some point, he grabbed her and ran to his motorcycle. However, the tourist reacted instantly, jumped out of the boat and ran after the thief.

The Thai started the motorcycle and was about to drive off when the tourist attacked the moped from behind. Both young men and the moped collapsed to the ground. A fight ensued. As it turned out later, both were athletes: the Briton was engaged in rugby, and the Thai was engaged in martial arts, boxing. In the end, the martial arts expert broke free and ran away, and a couple of tourists took their bag and went to the police.

Police reviewed footage from the scene and other camera footage before finally identifying the suspect. Soon, law enforcement officers established his identity. The thief turned out to be a former professional boxer nicknamed Den Saenchai. During a search of his room, the police found clothing that matched the description on the video, as well as a motorcycle, which was also clearly visible on CCTV cameras. In addition, the Thai had an injured knee.

Law enforcement officers arrested the man pending further trial. Subsequently, he himself confessed to stealing a British tourist's bag, which contained more than 5,000 baht (10,000 rubles), credit cards and hotel room keys.

When asked: “How did the Briton manage to respond to the situation and whether he was afraid,” the 23-year-old Briton replied that he was not afraid and pursued the thief without hesitation, because. I wanted to return my things.

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