Russia did not give permission for flights to the Turkish resort

Russia did not give permission for flights to the Turkish resort

Another “change” will have to be carried out by tourists who have bought direct flights to Dalaman for May tours. Tour operators had to adjust flight programs on Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow to the resort. This time, the reason is not the air sanctions, the flights came under attack from the Russian side – the Federal Air Transport Agency did not issue permits for some of the flights. Moreover, it was the tour operator flights that were hit, and it was for the holidays.

We are talking about Turkish Airlines flights to Dalaman until May 15. Experts from three tour operator companies told ATOR that the carrier had to make a “partial adjustment” of flights for the first half of May – i.e. from April 29 to May 15, just in time for the holidays – to Dalaman with a flight from Moscow.

As experts noted, although all Turkish Airlines flights from Russia formally have the status of regular flights, in fact they are divided into regular regular flights, which are filled by passengers who bought tickets on free sale, and in fact block flights of tour operators. It was the “block” flights to Dalaman that were hit. Moreover, according to one of the sources, their cancellation was not the decision of Turkish Airlines, the flights were canceled at the initiative of the Federal Air Transport Agency, which did not issue the necessary permits. The agency does not comment on these data in any way, however, ATOR experts do not exclude that the Turkish carrier was denied the right to operate some flights to Russia, as it exceeded its commercial rights and delivered “too many flights from the point of view of the Federal Air Transport Agency.”

What should the tourists who remained “extreme” do? The option with a transfer to later departure dates offered by tour operators is clearly unprofitable, since tourists plan to relax on May. Intourist suggested “leaving ground handling on the tour and choosing an alternative flight via Istanbul or Bodrum.” Anex offers a similar measure – “changing the city of arrival to Bodrum or Antalya, or opening a new application at current prices for affordable flights to Turkey.” In Pegasus, tourists are promised, as an option, to transfer to Pegasus Airlines and reassure that there is enough transportation. But all companies emphasize that the implementation of Turkish Airlines tour operator flights is necessary in order to “be able to fulfill obligations to tourists on previously canceled tours” – and in this regard they call on Rostourism to help so that none of the tourists who bought a tour to Turkey is left without rest.

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