Russian emigrant described his spending at the most economical resort in Thailand

Russian emigrant described his spending in the most economical resort in Thailand

A blogger wrote his “full life in Pattaya” for those planning to live in Thailand on his channel in Yandex.Zen. Like many, he decided to “sit out” the turbulent times in Thailand and “stuck here waiting for some clarity on the situation.” To this end, he decided to answer the question “how affordable is rest and life (depending on the length of stay) in Thailand for a Russian tourist.” And he encouraged his colleagues: “On the example of Pattaya, I can say that they are more than affordable. Even for the super economical ones. Even with the current exchange rate of the ruble.

To begin with, the blogger expressed “sincere bewilderment” why budget tourists live in hostels or in shabby private apartments. “You can always find an inexpensive hotel at least four stars for the same money, well, or a maximum of 20% more expensive. There are very few tourists in Pattaya now, and hotels, of which there are hundreds, are forced to rent rooms for three kopecks. I chose a good option in the southern part of the city – a 4-star hotel GLOW Pattaya. I discovered this Thai network for the first time – there are also hotels in Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok, ”the tourist said. A “brand new hotel” with two double beds, a swimming pool with sun loungers on the roof and caring maids who “bring such a supply of water, tea and toilet paper to the room every day, as if I do not live here alone, but a gypsy family” costs the blogger, with his words, at 500 baht per day. “The exchange rate of the ruble is constantly jumping, today it is 1325 rubles. Even if you shoot daily, you will get less than 40 thousand per month,” he said. Moreover, the blogger added that in Pattaya “you can see a lot of cheaper monthly rental offers”, where “new stylish apartments with a kitchen in the city center for 6,500 baht per month (17,200 rubles)”, and “monthly rooms in the 4-star Metropol Hotel “100 meters from the beach for 9,500 baht (25,200 rubles)”

As for the “second important expense item” – food, the blogger assures that in Thailand, as you know, food can be found for any money. “One has only to go out into the street, and on the right and left of your choice there will be decent restaurants with lobsters lying in ice, and unassuming eateries, and macaroons with their miracle carts, and night markets, and almost round-the-clock food courts,” – he writes. He himself recommends delivery and applications, of which the FoodPanda application, because it allows you to save up to 50% of the order value and other promotions through promotional codes. “Example of delivery from MK restaurant: Superset of 4 courses (with meat and shrimp) + 2 desserts + drink = 230 baht (600 rubles). Enough for a hearty lunch for two people, ”the blogger assures. He also talks about chips for free coffee for the next downloaded application and, in general, assures colleagues that the “tourist” life in Thailand costs me much less than the “everyday” life in Moscow. In the comments, however, they cite far from cheap prices for tickets to this paradise life – with all the coronavirus restrictions that have not yet been lifted.

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