Russian flight attendant told why you should not press the call button to ask for water

Russian stewardess said why you shouldn't press the call button to ask for water

A 27-year-old Russian flight attendant advised not to ask the crew for water Christina from Moscow. Flight attendants have a lot of work to do without these targeted requests, she says.

The flight attendant told the Daily Star that she enjoys “learning about new cultures” so she went to work as a flight attendant. “It's so interesting to learn about new cultures – it's a good experience,” she was quoted as saying by the publication.

Although the flight attendant with 6 years of experience noted that her favorite part of the job is “welcoming passengers on board, taking care of them, provide any assistance if necessary, as well as smile and make the passengers smile”, she strongly advised colleagues not to ask for water.

“Firstly, do not press the call button to ask for a glass of water, because we have a hard job!” – explained the employee of the airline. Instead, it is recommended to go to the galley yourself and ask for water. You can do this while the seat belt signal is turned off.

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