Russian Foreign Ministry does not recommend mirror response to EU visa restrictions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the department would not recommend reciprocating visa restrictions against Russians from the EU.

The Russian Foreign Ministry does not recommend mirroring EU visa restrictions

“I have already commented on the EU decision and said that we will not recommend reciprocating”, Interfax reports the words of Sergey Lavrov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin adheres to a similar position. He stated that the Russian authorities would not mirror the suspension of the visa facilitation between the EU and Russia.

In the near future, the EU Council will decide on the suspension of the visa facilitation. Earlier, this proposal was approved by the European Commission.

It also became known that in the near future Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will restrict the entry of Russians with a Schengen visa into their countries. Finland does not intend to restrict the entry of tourists into the country until clarification is received from the European Commission.


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