Russian pensioners told how much they spend per month on living in Thailand

Russian pensioners told how much they spend per month on living in Thailand

“Retirees can live in Thailand, it's inexpensive. But to get a pensioner to Tai and gain a foothold – yes, you need to budget for it in advance, ”the Russian woman concluded after a conversation with compatriots who moved to the country of year-round summer a few months ago and bought housing there. Therefore, the author of the Yandex.Zen channel indicated the expenses taking into account the existing apartment, for which you do not need to pay rent.

According to the blogger, a couple of Russians applied for a retirement visa in Thailand for a year. The Kingdom issues such visas to tourists who have reached the age of 50, regardless of whether the Russian is a pensioner in the Russian Federation or not.

The input data of the interlocutors is as follows: seven years ago, the couple bought an apartment at the construction stage in “Land of smiles” and until now paid money for it. Have a car. Since visas and medical insurance are one-time payments, they were not taken into account.

Monthly expenses without significant savings included: groceries, gasoline, utility bills and entertainment. As a result, for two, the amount was equal to 19,000 baht, which in ruble terms is about 60,000 rubles. The main items of expenditure are food (9'480 baht – 22'600 rubles), cafes (2'760 baht – 6'600 rubles) and utilities for electricity and water (933 baht – 2'300 rubles).< /p>

“Without damage to life, you can only save on entertainment in Thailand. After all, the climate itself and nature, the sea and the beach are already free and the best entertainment,” the author added.

With this in mind, we managed to save 7,000 baht (16,700 rubles): monthly expenses amounted to 12,000 baht (36,000 rubles). Instead of a car, you can use the popular Asian tuk-tuk transport, to buy a weekly supply of food – a taxi, and also minimize meals in a cafe.

If housing is rented, then another expense item appears. For example, a studio equal in size to a Khrushchev one-room apartment will cost 4,000 baht (9,500 rubles). At the same time, the apartment has a kitchen and furniture, and as a bonus – a swimming pool for several houses and walking distance to the beach.

How much money do Russian pensioners need to get a Thai visa?

“A pension visa is issued if there are 800,000 baht (2,000,000 rubles) in a bank account. And many people have that kind of money… If there is no money in the account, then “helpers” will always come to the rescue – Thai offices that will draw anything for $1,500 (120,000 rubles),” the Russian woman concluded.

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