Russian tourist got vaccinated in Thailand and almost died from the consequences

Russian tourist got vaccinated in Thailand and almost died from the consequences

A Russian traveler, while vacationing in Thailand, realized that her annual Sputnik V certificate was about to expire. In order to travel further around the countries, she decided to get vaccinated with the free Pfizer vaccine, developed by the American company of the same name and the German BioNTech. However, the consequences of the vaccination were terrible. The tourist told about this in her Yandex.Zen channel.

The girl noted that so far she has successfully visited countries that accepted a vaccination certificate with a mark on receiving a domestically produced vaccine – Egypt, India (in addition a negative PCR test was required), UAE, Thailand. However, Sputnik V receives a large number of states, but not all.

In this regard, the traveler decided to get a free Pfizer vaccination on Koh Phangan in Thailand. “And this is a very good opportunity to update the necessary condition for entry into any country. This is Phizer, which is listed in any country in the world. In addition, the vaccine can be made free of charge! – said the Russian woman.

At the same time, she was frightened by the consequences of the vaccination. “There will definitely be consequences from the vaccine. I remember my feelings after Sputnik-V, by the evening of that day I felt bad, and the next day I completely fell ill with my head. There were terrible pains. But, really, it didn't last long. Literally three full days of excruciating suffering, and then it got noticeably better, ”added the tourist.

The girl said that she came to the Thai clinic, gave her passport, received a coupon and went to the vaccination room. “No shoe covers are required here, but the presence of a mask on the face is a must. The nurse quickly filled out the documents, stuck a scan on the new documents, and we will present them at all borders. Further, a young Thai woman came, invited me to sit at a separate table, where she injected me with the vaccine. And then I put on a funny plaster, ”a compatriot described the procedure.

And already in the first minutes I felt changes in my body. And in the evening of the same day, she felt very bad, thinking that she might die. The girl had a fever and “the head became heavy.” The tourist was saved by Indian paracetamol. “We took three tablets a day. The nights were painful, the body burned, the head was spinning. Today is the third day after the vaccination, and I feel much better,” she said about the consequences of receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Reference: Pfizer is a coronavirus vaccine. It was not the first in the world to register a vaccine against coronavirus, Russia became the leader, in August 2020 the Sputnik V drug was approved. However, Pfizer's vaccine was the first in the world to receive WHO emergency approval. The Pfizer vaccine is approved in more than 70 countries around the world.

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