Russian tourist in Hurghada thanked Egyptian doctors for the saved child

Russian tourist in Hurghada thanked Egyptian doctors for saving her child

Word of mouth advertising from social networks about the possibilities, including medical tourism in Hurghada, was published by the Egyptian media. They spoke about the gratitude of a Russian tourist to Egyptian doctors for “treatment of a Russian child from an immune virus in Hurghada.” As tourist Tanya assured on Facebook, which is closed and recognized as extremist in Russia, “the doctors of my country could not diagnose him.”

According to local publications, the tourist “expressed her gratitude” to the management of the hospital in Hurghada and the doctor responsible for the treatment of her 8-year-old son Alexander, who suffered from severe pain, and doctors in Russia were unable to diagnose the cause. In Hurghada, Dr. Rosalia managed to cure him.

As a result, the tourist invited her friends through her personal Facebook page to visit Hurghada, emphasizing that the city is beautiful and not only hosts tourists well, but also provides advanced medical care. She also posted a photo of her son after he recovered in a Hurghada hospital and advised her citizens to receive treatment in Hurghada.

Dr. throat and this affected his immunity”, the problems began to grow, appeared, weak immunity and malnutrition. However, after 4 days in an Egyptian hospital, the child “responded to treatment and recovered.”

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