Russian tourist left a bag with $8,000 on an Antalya city bus

Russian tourist left a bag with 8,000 dollars on the city bus in Antalya

A lost bag with a large amount of money, on which an average Turk can live comfortably for several months, was returned intact and safe to a Russian tourist who left it on a regular bus in the resort city of Antalya. In addition to $8,000, inside were a laptop, a smartwatch, and a passport. “In Russia, this bag would no longer exist,” the traveler noted. The incident was reported by Turkish media.

The 28-year-old traveler took a city bus with six friends from the resort area of ​​Konyaalti to a shopping center in the Altinova area. However, I soon realized that I forgot my bag with valuables in public transport.

He went to the nearest police station for help. Employees found out the number of the bus on which the Russian was following and called the driver. The loss was found quickly, because. the man noticed the ownerless bag, decided to put it away until the owner was found. Arriving at the station, the tourist checked the safety of his luggage and noted that all things, including $ 8,000, were in place.

“I did not expect to receive my bag. They worked very quickly … Many thanks to the police and the bus driver. In Russia, this bag would no longer exist,” the Russian shared.

The bus driver reported that he saw a large group of foreign tourists board the bus. However, he did not immediately notice the bag left in the cabin by one of them. As soon as I saw it, I decided to take it to a safe place until the owner showed up. Then I got a call from the police and I handed over the bag with things. We return the loss, regardless of the amount, whether it is one lira or one million,” he explained.

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