Russian tourist shared what really needs to be done if luggage is lost at the airport

A Russian tourist shared what really needs to be done if the luggage is lost at the airport

If the luggage is lost, you should contact the airport representatives and not panic , because A tourist is unlikely to be able to speed up the search for a lost suitcase. The author of the Zen channel shared the story of a familiar traveler who, having arrived at the Moscow airport, was faced with the loss of luggage filled with valuables.

According to the author, his friend was waiting for his bag on the delivery belt upon arrival, but there it it didn’t turn out: either it was stolen or lost, the alarmed tourist thought and decided that the loss was unlikely to be found.

What to do if your luggage is lost? Firstly, do not panic, but immediately turn to the baggage claim desk in the baggage claim area,” the blogger advised.

“In the baggage claim area, he was reassured and told that the baggage had arrived at the airport, respectively, will be on surveillance cameras or in some other way. He was also advised to leave his contact details and go home,” the author continued.

On the same evening, the airport operator called the tourist and said that they had found some luggage, but there was no need to go for it – the employees would deliver it to the house. The end of the story is optimistic: “My friend got better from such a service. Literally an hour later, his long-awaited bag was brought to him. They apologized for what happened, but did not tell how it really happened.”

The blogger recalled the rules that tourists need to follow in order to minimize the loss of luggage and valuables:

  1. Outwardly unremarkable bags and suitcases are marked with bright elements, identification elements (for example, locks) and tags and a surname.
  2. If the flight is to be with several transfers, valuables must be taken in hand luggage.
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    In case it seems that the above actions are not enough, there is insurance that is issued when buying a ticket. In this case, the airport is fully responsible for the safety and damage of luggage.

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