Russian tourist who killed his parents in Turkey explained his act

Russian tourist who killed his parents in Turkey explained his act

In Turkey, they managed to find and detain Russian tourist Dmitry S., who yesterday killed his parents in a 5-star hotel in Antalya. The tourist explained his act, giving a frank confession, and even recording it on video, in which he states that “my dream since childhood was to kill my father.”

Recall that the shocking incident occurred on Monday at a 5-star hotel in the tourist area of ​​Chalakli. Police and paramedics arrived and found that Russian citizen Pavel S. (62 years old) died after being beaten with a hammer, and his wife Tatyana Stepanova (64 years old) was seriously injured. The woman subsequently died in the hospital. Read the details at this link.

Their son, Dmitry S., immediately suspected of the murder, fled, but was soon detained by the police. As a result, the tourist gave a frank confession in which he said: “Today I killed my father. The reason is that he tortured and abused me when I was a child. My father, along with my uncle, broke my bones, in 2005 he hit me in the ear. As a result, I was sent to a psychiatric hospital. My childhood dream was to kill my father, and finally my dream came true. I am a very bad person, but I think I did it right. I don't regret killing my father,” said the tourist, whose psychological problems have been reported before. In the same confession, he stated that he was afraid that he would be returned from Turkey to Russia, where he would be “sent to a psychiatric hospital” – and called for help.

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