Russian tourists began to actively penetrate closed Italy: ways, methods and prices are named

Russian tourists began to actively penetrate closed Italy: ways, methods and prices named

The dream destination for Russian tourists will receive some part of the Russian tourist flow, despite all the sanctions. We are talking about Italy, because this country of the Apennines remains a favorite vacation spot for Russian tourists, while it removed anti-COVID measures and even began issuing visas in Moscow. As a result, tour operators have already laid routes to this country. This information was provided by the tour operator PAC Group.

According to ATOR, the tour operator's experts spoke about a “significant surge” in bookings for tours to Italy, despite the fact that tourists have to get there “on the bed” – through Belgrade, Istanbul or Dubai. Moreover, the flight is already included in the tour packages – it's easier and cheaper, the tour operator assures. The country issues tourist visas without hindrance, there is no ban on the entry of Russian tourists into the country, and “covid” restrictions are also small – you can enter Italy with a PCR test. At the same time, from May, restrictions on access to restaurants, hotels and other facilities within the country are lifted. At the same time, as emphasized in the PAC Group, they do not run to Italy at all with a “long-term” perspective, namely, classic tourists go on tours lasting from 7 to 14 days. Basically, these are “return” clients – those who went on vacation to Italy and in the “pre-Covid” years.

“Russians are now booking tours to Italy mainly for May and June. The lion's share of our bookings now goes to city tours to popular Italian cities – Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona. Then, in terms of popularity, holidays at sea (Rimini, Sicily, Sardinia), followed by holidays in the terms (Abano Terme). The average duration of an excursion tour is 3-7 nights, holidays at sea and in thermal baths – 7-14 nights,” commented PAC Group.

Experts also added that “prices have increased, but not catastrophically.” For example, a vacation in Sicily at 4 * at the peak of the season for three people will currently cost 284 thousand rubles per family; city ​​tour to Rome – from 155 thousand per person; and rest on the Venetian Riviera – from 112 thousand rubles. per person. Basically, the “Italian” clientele is clearly “above average” and chooses accommodation 4-5 *.

The tour operator also noted that the “promotional” problems only affected the appearance of a new bonus offer from the PAC Group: “deposit” services for payment for services at the hotel. Those. a tourist can pay the deposit amount in rubles to the tour operator when booking a tour and spend it in Italy on hotel services – visiting restaurants, cafes, SPA and other services. Considering that the all-inclusive segment in Italy is very small, the service is in great demand.

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