Russian tourists began to complain about the Germans in Turkey

Russian tourists began to complain about the Germans in Turkey

Complaints of Russians against German tourists – and, accordingly, Germans against Russians – were presented by the Turkish edition Turizmgunlugu. Interestingly, the main charges are the same – they drink a lot and then become very noisy.

According to Turkish observers, Russian tourists usually complain that German tourists drink heavily. In addition, among the complaints is that the Germans “laugh and speak too loudly.” Also, Russian tourists are enraged by the fact that tourists from Germany “tolerate any behavior of their children” and almost do not follow them, although they often interfere with other vacationers.

In turn, the Germans say that Russian tourists “fill their plates on the buffet with too much food”, also complain that the Russians drink too much, after which they talk, sing and are generally “too relaxed”.

Let's add a Turkish comment: this side notes that “ Germans drink at least as much alcohol as Russians.” As for the main difference, the Turks are quite frank: “Russian tourists leave a lot of tips, but the Germans are very stingy with this,” they say.

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