Russian tourists began to forget what they must do upon returning from abroad

Russian tourists began to forget what they must do upon returning from abroad

The opening of the covid curtain around the world relaxed Russians, who began to forget en masse about an important action upon returning to your home country from a vacation abroad. We are talking about the mandatory delivery of a PCR test and the provision of results to regulatory authorities. This was recalled by a tourist on her channel in the Yandex.Zen service.

In addition, before flying home, Russian tourists should fill out a questionnaire called “Registration of arrivals in the Russian Federation” (questionnaire). Then pass a laboratory test and upload the result of a PCR test or a vaccination certificate to the same form at this link.

“… when returning to Russia from abroad, citizens of the Russian Federation are required to pass a PCR test and upload it to the State Services within 4 days. If there are certificates of vaccination or a person who has been ill, then they are loaded, ”the vigilant traveler noted. At the same time, if the testing data or the COVID-19 electronic certificate is already stored at the State Services, you still have to fill out the form and upload the documents.

However, there are exceptions. Those returning from Abkhazia and South Ossetia do not need to undergo the procedure.

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