Russian tourists in Egypt will be able to pay with a MIR card

Russian tourists in Egypt will be able to pay with the MIR card

From the beginning of the high season – and most likely already in September, Russian tourists will not have to go to Egypt with a “pack” of cash. According to Al-Monitor, Egypt will decide in September to allow the use of the MIR card in the country, and the Russian ruble will be included in the number of currencies accepted by Egyptian banks.

Recall that Visa and Mastercard payment systems for Russian tourists are blocked due to sanctions. As a result, countries that receive tourists from Russia eliminate the difficulties experienced by tourists who want to spend their money with them by activating the MIR payment system.

The most massive Turkey has already attended to this, the MIR cards in this country have been working this summer – although not without problems. In the high winter season, Egypt hopes to take over the baton. The authorities expect that the admission of the Russian payment system will further stimulate Russian tourists.

Recall that in Egypt, Russian tourists are actively counted on. The inbound tourist flow to the resorts of Egypt – i.e., to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam will recover during the season, and the increase in flights from Russia will play a significant role in this, said Rami Fayez, a member of the Mars Tourism Investors Association -Alama. “Based on the current level of bookings, winter occupancy at the resorts will be high. Especially after Russian travel companies have increased the number of their flights to Egypt during the winter period, the growth will begin in the coming weeks,” the Egyptian expert said. He added that “air sanctions” and other bans have made Egypt one of the most important countries where Russian tourists can travel in the coming months. Read the details here.

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