Russian tourists send alarm signals from Thailand

Russian tourists send alarm signals from Thailand

Russian tourists stuck in Thailand report that things are not as smooth as official statements from Rostourism and other regulators and send alarm signals. Another message that export flights do not work was received by the editors of TURPROM from Thailand.

“All the news that Aeroflot is taking tourists out of Thailand is not true. The flight has been postponed since the 15th for the fourth time. At the moment, the Aeroflot contact center has stated that the iFly partner company will not carry out export due to the lack of a license and it is not known when there will be flights, ”the stranded tourists report.

Recall, according to official information from the Federal Tourism Agency,“ export » Aeroflot flights should be from Egypt, Sri Lanka, Turkey, as well as from the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the Seychelles. Flights are scheduled for the following dates:

  • March 17 – from Istanbul and Phuket, as well as from Dubai,
  • March 18 – from Bangkok
  • 19 March from Victoria.

“Aeroflot passengers who have round-trip tickets, which have already been transported on the segment from Russia, will be able to use these flights at no additional charge. Passengers of other airlines need to check with their original carriers about the possibilities and conditions for flying on these flights,” the Rostourism added. Read the details at the link.

However, as we see, “on the ground”, according to tourists, everything happens differently …

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