Russian tourists told what is important to do a month before vacation in Turkey

Russian tourists were told what is important to do a month before their vacation in Turkey

In order for the upcoming vacation not to overshadow anything, tourists should start preparing for departure at least one month before departure. As the Russian woman noted on the Yandex.Zen channel, she was convinced from her own experience that it is worth preparing for the trip in advance. First of all, we are talking about documents. Although Turkey is open for Russian travelers, the anti-COVID restrictions have not disappeared.

First, you need a passport. An expiring passport is the most common problem for tourists, as they often do not pay attention to dates. It is necessary to make sure that its expiration date at the time of travel will be at least 4 months, i.e. 120 days.

Second, required medical documentation of coronavirus status. “Although it would seem that many countries are already easing or even lifting restrictions, this apparently does not apply to airports and PCR tests are still not canceled, that is, they need to be presented,” the Russian woman warned.

Recall that the Turkish side accepts certificates with a mark on vaccination with the Russian Sputnik V. The vaccination document with a mark on the receipt of this two-component preparation is valid for 1 year after the second dose. The document can be downloaded from the State Services website. One-component vaccine “Sputnik Light” is not accepted.

As in the case of a passport, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of receipt of the vaccination. For example, vaccination takes place in two stages, the waiting period between receiving the first and second components is 3 weeks. After receiving the second dose of vaccination/revaccination, Turkey does not accept tourists within 14 days, so you need to take care of the procedure in advance.

Thirdly, in addition to the vaccination certificate, the republic will accept certificates with a QR code about negative the result of a rapid antigen testheld no earlier than 48 hours before entry. It is also possible to provide a document with a QR code from the public services portal confirming the COVID-19 disease within the last 6 months, but no later than the 28th day from the first positive PCR test passed, i.e. in case of illness within 28 days before entering Turkey, entry will be denied.

The exception is for children under the age of 12. When boarding a plane to Turkey, minors do not need certificates and any documents related to the status of coronavirus.

Fourthly, tourists over 6 years old must register on a special health website and fill out a short questionnaire with basic data 72 hours before arrival in the country (link to the questionnaire). The completed questionnaire can be printed or presented electronically from the phone.

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