Russian tourists turned away from, switching to another American service

Russian tourists have turned away from, switching to another American service

Booking services that have left Russia, primarily, are losing traffic, however Russian tourists are switching so far mainly not to domestic platforms, but again to foreign services – the American site is in the lead. Such statistics were presented by the tour operator Yota, who tracked how the Internet traffic of tourists spent on booking services changed from January 1 to April 11, 2022.

According to the researchers, the top ten most popular Yota services selected for analytics included four companies of Russian origin:,, Ostrovok and Tvil. The rest are foreign, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, OneTwoTrip, Agoda and Trivago.

“Daily traffic volume for all ten services decreased by almost 2 times from January to April: as of April 11 in comparison from January 11th. During the same period, the number of users decreased by 1.4 times,” experts said.

The shares of services have also changed. In January, was the undisputed leader with 51.15% of traffic, followed by Tripadvisor (21.87%) and Airbnb (13.69%). But already in April, the American service Tripadvisor was in first place – it added almost 10% and actually reached a third of 31.76%. The service is still working in Russia – and by the way, it refers Crimea to some kind of abstract Europe. lost over 30% in share and dropped to second place at 20.21%. And only the third place was taken by the service with 11.81%, adding almost 10% of the traffic.

By the way, he replaced a competitor in this position – Airbnb, which left Russia, dropped from third place to fifth, and its share decreased by more than 6%. also showed the largest increase in traffic – on April 11 this figure was 3.6 times higher than on January 11. Another Russian service, Ostrovok, added more users in the number of users — 4.8 times over the same period. Less impressive, but also increased their performance and Tvil.

But four foreign services have lost both in volume and in the number of users. Trivago showed a decrease in traffic by 6.6 times, users – by 4.7 times. This is followed by, which showed a decrease in traffic by 5.5 times, users – by 1.8 times. In third place is Agoda: a decrease in traffic by 3.4 times, users – by 8.8 times. Airbnb: showed a decrease in traffic by 3.4 times, users – by 1.8 times. For the rest, the indicators did not change much.

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