Russian tourists urged to refuse access to the Internet via Wi-Fi at the airport

Russian tourists were urged to refuse access to the Internet via Wi-Fi at the airport

Connecting to Wi-Fi at the airport threatens Russian tourists by stealing data, including bank cards, using sniffing. Artur Yanbulatov, an information security analyst at the Digital Economy League, warned about this.

Using public Wi-Fi hotspots at departure points is dangerous because of their vulnerability. According to the expert, cyber scammers can easily steal the valuable data of Russian travelers without resorting to hacking the device.

“An attacker at an airport could use unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots to sniff. Sniffing is the interception of traffic from users,” he explained.

Since the network is “open”, the data transfer occurs without encryption, which means that they can be easily intercepted. To prevent data leakage, safety precautions must be observed. “You should not visit bank pages, social networks and other sites containing personal/confidential information using public Wi-Fi at the airport,” the expert warned and added that connection to public Wi-Fi is most dangerous at airports due to high concentration people.

Other ways to protect yourself as a tourist

Experts recommend using antisniffers – software or hardware tools that allow you to detect traffic interception. In addition, it should be remembered that encryption is not able to hide the fact of data transmission, therefore, together with an anti-sniffer, cryptoprotection should be used, which includes three main components: information, a special key (cipher), and a conversion algorithm.

Another expert previously said that when using a public USB charger at an airport, travelers often fall victim to a scam called “juice jacking,” or “juice squeezer,” in which hackers leak information from the victim’s phone. Read the details in the article “Tourists were told why they should keep their phone charged at the airport.”

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