Russian tourists warned about the danger of losing money due to seasonal fraud

Russian tourists warned about the risk of losing money due to seasonal fraud

It's a “harvest” time for “seasonal” fraud: with the onset of high demand for travel, attackers will actively use phishing, i.e. fake sites that completely copy services for booking hotel rooms or buying airline tickets. This was stated by Radio Sputnik with reference to Yakov Kravtsov, an expert in the field of digital risk research.

There have always been crooks: at different times of the year they use different schemes to lure money away. Thus, the “anti-crisis” fraud schemes related to the topics of sanctions and the ruble exchange rate, which until recently were still actively working, faded into the background. According to the specialist, in the near future the criminals will reorient themselves to the “seasonal”, holiday theme.

“Scammers still want to get the data of their future victims: logins, passwords, information about bank cards, personal information. The next wave of activity, it seems to me, will be aimed at the holiday period. Now they are removing the next restrictions on COVID-19, respectively, the list of open countries is expanding, there are more areas for fraud. I expect there will be a seasonal surge in scams related to the sale and booking of tickets, tours and everything related to it. I think this will be one of the biggest areas: fraudulent websites will be created with air tickets, hotels both within the country and abroad,” Kravtsov made such a forecast.

Due to the fact that the risks of getting into the paws of scammers are great, the specialist listed the main steps on how to avoid problems when organizing a vacation: “Standard advice is not to believe that you can buy something much cheaper than the market average. Try to buy flights from companies you know, book hotels you've been to before, or choose trusted services. Do not click on links with promotional offers that are sent to you by mail or SMS, try to find it yourself. Be sure to check the reviews on a particular site. Prepayment is a somewhat dangerous story. If you are booking on the site for the first time, it is better to pay for the service on the spot.”

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