Russian tourists were put on a plane, and then dropped off: a Russian woman reported “serious failures” in the Egyptian direction

“Serious failures” in the Egyptian direction – in Hurghada and in Sharm el-Sheikh – are experienced by the Russian airline Red Wings. This was stated by a Russian woman on her Yandex.Zen channel, talking about the “pickling” of our compatriots in planes that either take off or do not fly from resorts.

First, we are talking about a flight that was supposed to take place last Thursday from Hurghada to Sheremetyevo Airport. However, it was postponed several times: first at 17:45, and then for several more hours, the compatriot specified. “Moreover, in the best traditions of Russian airlines, tourists were brought to the plane, put and marinated inside, and then sent back,” the author noted.

In addition, she quoted the words of one of the tourists on that ill-fated flight: “We were brought to the plane by bus, but they didn’t let us out of it for an hour. The bus was without air conditioning, the heat was terrible, the children were exhausted. Further, they said that the side was broken and it would be different. But the exhausted tourists were not provided with a new plane, instead, something was “shamanized” in the broken one and the tourists were sent home almost at midnight. In total, the flight was delayed by 10 hours, the Russian woman noted.

Another example of problems with the airline in the Egyptian direction. “The day before, 411 tourists were unable to fly to Moscow from Sharm el-Sheikh on the same Red Wings flight. The flight was scheduled for 12:45. And again the same scheme – first, tourists are put on a plane, then they are dropped off. True, they were settled in three hotels, but this did not happen immediately,” the blogger said.

“We sat at the airport until almost 19:00 without water, without food. The airline does not give us normal comments. Everyone “disowns” – both the Biblio Globus tour operator and the airline, there is still no representative, ”the Russian woman quoted one of the travelers.

As a result, the hotel was provided to those awaiting departure, but not the same as they expected. According to their comments on social networks, there were no towels in the rooms, there were thefts, and, importantly, tourists fell under a wave of Russophobic sentiments.

The flight took off with a serious delay only on Friday night. This means that tourists whose destination was not the capital of the Russian Federation “burned out” tickets due to a serious delay of Red Wings. “Everyone has “burned out” tickets for connecting flights from Moscow to their cities, it’s time for many to go to work. Everyone says: no one is responsible for anything, these are our problems. The company and the tour operator did not provide documents on the cancellation of the flight. We are in limbo,” the victims complained.

Representatives of the airline apologized to tourists and explained the delays as “technical difficulties”. Fortunately, all the tourists flew out of Egypt and landed safely in Russia.

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