Russian tourists will now rest here: a foreign destination has been named, where explosive demand has been recorded

Russian tourists will now rest here: a foreign destination has been named where explosive demand has been recorded

Growth in demand for Abkhazia by almost 30 % was recorded by Russian tour operators. This formally foreign destination benefits from relatively easy access through the open airport in Sochi and the relative “independence” of this access from the imposed sanctions. However, prices will rise, the country's leadership warns.

According to the statements of experts of the Russian tourist market in an interview with RIA Novosti, the demand for holidays in Abkhazia has grown by an average of 28% compared to last year. According to Intourist representatives, there are several reasons for this. You do not need to take PCR tests or have vaccination certificates to travel, and crossing the border is carried out using internal Russian passports. “The destination will be rebooked with pleasure instead of Egypt and Turkey,” Intourist noted at the same time.

Fun&Sun (ex TUI Russia) also said that bookings are significantly higher than the level of the corresponding period last year. Another interesting trend was also noted: Russian tourists began to choose hotels of the category of three to five stars more often. In 2021, economy segment accommodations were in demand.

At the same time, the depth of sales is small – other experts of the tourist market note. Basically, we are talking about bookings for May and the beginning of the season. However, experts add that there is a risk that tourists will face overbooking and price increases closer to the season. This is also confirmed by experts from Abkhazia.

Thus, the Minister of Tourism of Abkhazia Teimuraz Khishba previously estimated that the cost of tours to Abkhazia could increase by about 20-30%. The reason for this is primarily the increase in the cost of food and other things necessary for hotels to work, as well as utilities.

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