Russian woman compared wintering in Turkey and Thailand and realized where it is really more comfortable

A Russian woman compared wintering in Turkey and Thailand and realized where it is really more comfortable

A professional Russian traveler undertook to compare the pros and cons of a long stay in the famous beach resorts of Turkey and Thailand. In the Yandex.Zen blog, she said that she was tired of wintering in Asia and why it turned out to be more comfortable to live in Alanya. According to the tourist, she was satisfied with the wintering in Thailand, but she was tired of it and does not plan to go in the near future.

The pluses of living in an Asian country, where summer is all year round, the girl attributed the warm climate and beautiful landscapes. However, they did not outweigh the other important points that ended up on the scales of Turkey. The blogger identified seven reasons why Turkish Alanya is much more comfortable for permanent residence than Thai Pattaya.

  1. Firstly, the proximity of the country to Russia is important for a Russian woman in order to travel home “at least a couple of times a year” to see relatives. It is easy and inexpensive to fly from Turkey to Russia. Thailand lost on this point, especially in 2022, when geopolitical upheavals began.
  2. Secondly, the level of housing is important. In Thailand, hotel complexes with a developed infrastructure do not offer such a range of services as in the country.
  3. Thirdly, despite the frenzied inflation, Turkish price tags for the usual foodstuffs “do not hurt” the eyes, then in Thailand “after Russia, a lot seems expensive.”
  4. Fourth, the year-round warm sea of ​​Thailand poses a danger to travelers. Swimming is often dangerous due to poisonous jellyfish, algae and storms. The Turkish Mediterranean, despite the coolness of winter, is cleaner and does not abound with jellyfish.
  5. Fifthly, the hot and humid climate of Thailand is a haven for various types of insects, as well as other creeping and running reptiles. “I feel more comfortable in Turkey, which is ruled by cats,” she wrote.
  6. Sixth, the level of service in Turkey is an order of magnitude higher. “Earlier it was believed that the “poor” rested in Turkey, but it was prestigious to fly to Thailand. But everything has changed. Now in Turkey there are hotels for every taste, and the country has become very “Europeanized”. It is much more comfortable and cleaner here than in Asia,” the author explained.
  7. Seventh, on Thai food, which plays with tastes, it is difficult for a Russian to hold out for several months, he wants more familiar and understandable dishes, as well as inexpensive and tasty vegetables. According to the author, the kingdom has Chinese vegetables and pesticides.

In addition, the girl admires the many-sided Turkish way of life with its noisy Istanbul, relaxed resort Alanya and cool and wayward Karadeniz and high level of service, which is appreciated by tourists.

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