Russian woman encountered Ukrainians in a Turkish hotel and was very surprised

A Russian woman ran into Ukrainians in a Turkish hotel and was very surprised

ordered after the events that began on February 24, and travelers arriving from the Russian Federation are being kicked out of hotels almost in disgrace. The blogger shared her reflections on the rumors spreading at lightning speed on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the Russian woman, in a hotel in the resort town of Side, where almost all the guests were Europeans, two Ukrainian women wedged into her conversation in Russian, who “looked with surprise, but without anger.” Here is a quote from a short conversation:

– Guys, are you from Russia?
– Hello! Yes.
– Wow! They heard Russian speech, they were surprised. And we are from Ukraine… But how did you get here? They say that Turkish hotels do not accept Russian tourists now.
– No, everything is in order, it's just that there are difficulties with flights now. And we live in Alanya, so we took a tour without a flight.
– No, no, it's not about the planes. They say that they do not accept at all! How did they let you in?

The dialogue was interrupted by a phone call from a Russian tourist. Then, analyzing the words of Ukrainian women, the girl was very surprised and noted that after a chance meeting she had many questions left: “Women said twice:“ They say that … ”Who is speaking? Who spread the rumors that Russians are not allowed in hotels?”, “I wonder if this lie has reached Russia?”

The Russian woman also pointed to another change, which first appeared in the Turkish media, and then “warmed up” by Russian-speaking bloggers living in the republic. We are talking about information that has spread online that the issuance of a residence permit in Turkey now depends on the nation: only Ukrainians are issued a document, while Russians and other nationalities are denied under the pretext of overcrowding in resort towns. From this news, those who planned to wait out difficult times on Turkish soil became ill. Soon, representatives of the migration service were forced to hold a series of meetings, where they reassured the tourists and stressed that any foreigner can still get a tourist residence permit.

“Women from Ukraine were misinformed. In Turkey, they treat tourists from Russia well. Just like before. Moreover, the Federal Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Turkey have started working together to create all conditions for the tourist season-2022,” the Russian woman reassured fellow citizens and added that tourists in Turkey “will not be threatened from scratch.”

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