Russian woman flew from Turkey on Sukhoi Superjet 100 and was very surprised

A Russian woman flew from Turkey on a Sukhoi Superjet 100 and was very surprised

online reviews. “This is not a plane at all, you can’t fly on this!” – sofa aircraft designers write. But I still took a chance and bought a ticket from Antalya to Sochi. And I immediately realized that I was worrying for nothing. Now I’m wondering why they scold him like that? – our compatriot said on the Yandex.Zen channel and described the aircraft in terms of apparent safety and comfort of the flight.

As the author noted, electronic check-in was not available for a charter flight on the Antalya-Sochi route, it was possible only at the airport. In addition, tourists should be aware that there is no “B” row on the Sukhoi Superjet. “Plane layout: 2 seats on the left (A and C) and 3 seats on the right (D, E, F). So don't worry if you're alone and they put you on A and C,” the traveler reassured.

The author noted comfortable chairs with adjustable headrests, pleasant upholstery, a large distance between in flight, the legs will not be cramped.

What else did the tourist pay attention to? “I read on the Internet that the Sukhoi Superjet is a very noisy aircraft that lands quite hard. It seems to have been written by someone who has never flown it. It makes no more noise than many other planes, it takes off and lands quietly too,” she said.

The flight with the Red Wings airline lasted only 1 hour 40 minutes instead of the declared two hours. During this time, passengers were offered tea/coffee/lemonade and waffles. Although such a short travel time may not include food.

“I am an impressionable person: I read horror stories on the Internet and really worried about flying on the Superjet. But everything went smoothly. And the plane turned out to be completely ordinary … And as a traveler with extensive experience, I’ll add that compared to AirAsia low-cost airlines, for example, Sukhoi Superjet is generally a luxury, ”the traveler concluded.

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