Russian woman in Turkey stood up for the “seal” holiday at All Inclusive

“The all-inclusive system has no pluses”, “Such a vacation for the lazy”, “Tourists go to Turkey to get fat and dumb”, comments of active tourists and opponents of “seal” rest in social networks are full of such harsh statements. However, an experienced Russian traveler categorically disagrees with them and on the Yandex.Zen channel listed ten reasons why a vacation in Turkey must be All inclusive.

Firstly, it really saves time and nerves. Tourists travel as part of a package tour and do not worry about the problems associated with air tickets, transfers, hotel accommodation, insurance, food, entertainment and places on the beach. Solo travelers, especially inexperienced ones, will spend a lot of time planning their trip.

Secondly, organized tourists do not overpay. “I calculated the cost of a trip to Turkey for 14 days and realized that an all-inclusive tour costs about the same as a solo trip. I took into account food, accommodation and everything else. Someday I will shoot a separate video on this topic, because the result surprised me,” she wrote.

Thirdly, with All inclusive, not everyone gets fat. You should not be at the buffet around the clock and eat everything that catches your eye. “Does anyone force you to overeat with cakes and buns?” – the traveler asked a rhetorical question and offered to combine a rich diet with an active lifestyle, even on vacation. Walks and excursions are suitable for this.

Fourth, get to know the local culture: food and entertainment. “Even in budget resorts, Turkish dishes are prepared for tourists. It's nice that you can take a little bit of everything and find what you like. Well, in the evenings, hotels often host shows with dances and theatrical performances that will introduce you even closer to the culture of Turkey,” the blogger explained.

Fifthly, places on the beach and beach equipment are guaranteed. We are talking about basic amenities for a “beach” tourist: sun loungers, towels, a toilet, a shower and a changing cabin. Independent tourists cannot always find amenities in high season.

In addition, the girl noted that hotels offer their guests various activities. For example, playing tennis, volleyball and dancing and aqua aerobics. And for those who like to relax – hamams, which in most “good” hotels are available without money. For an additional fee, you can visit the SPA complex. If you get bored, the hotel has the opportunity to talk with a guide and go on an excursion.

Perhaps, for many Russian tourists, an all-inclusive vacation is a way to forget about everyday life and cuisine for a while. “Having arrived on vacation on their own, tourists are forced to buy food and cook (or constantly think about where to eat today). You will also have to think about the delivery of water, cleaning, etc. But after all, on vacation you have one task – to relax! There is enough life and home,” the author clarified.

Summarizing, the tourist noted that Turkish hotels have a special atmosphere. Pleasant and satisfied people are around, pleasant music is playing, “there is a special energy of happiness and serenity everywhere”, in a word, everything is done to ensure that guests have the best possible rest.

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