Russian woman named 10 reasons why emigration to Turkey is preferable

Russian woman named 10 reasons why emigration to Turkey is preferable

“There are a hundred times more pluses here than minuses!” – said a professional traveler, speaking about the resort city of Alanya and Turkey in general. That is why the Republic of Turkey is preferable to other destinations for Russian emigration. She shared the details on the Yandex.Zen channel.

Loyal requirements for moving

“One of the main advantages of living in Turkey is the absence of strict requirements for foreigners. Here it is easy to obtain a residence permit on the basis of renting an apartment. You won't find this in every country! Yes, in 2022, residence permits began to be issued only for 6 months, and the need to open an account in a Turkish bank was added to the basic package of documents. But all this is quite realistic to do,” the tourist said and added that it is also possible to buy an apartment in the republic, although prices are constantly rising.

Another important fact: in Turkey, you can get citizenship in exchange for investments worth $250'000. For comparison: in European countries, before the abolition of “golden visas”, the amount of investment for Russians was higher.

Weather and environmental conditions

In Alanya and other cities of the Mediterranean “breathe easily”. The country does not have a long off-season with a “porridge” of dirty snow and severe winters. Therefore, both in autumn and in winter it is warm, sunny and beautiful there. Many Turkish beaches in the Mediterranean are marked with the Blue Flag, a prestigious award for cleanliness and well-equipped.

There are no factories with harmful industries near the resort towns. Around coniferous forests, mountains and sea air. According to the author, her acquaintances cured asthma on the Turkish coast. “The environment here is perfect! Perhaps that is why I never got sick in Turkey,” she shared.

Diverse and colorful neighborhoods to live in

In addition to the fact that each district has its own parks, special barbecue areas and dedicated recreation areas, the author noted the diversity both within one city and across the country: “Even in relatively small Alanya, all districts differ from each other (what talk about all of Turkey!). There is Mahmutlar, who is called “little Russia”. There is Kargicak with luxurious villas, where many wealthy Europeans have settled. But central Alanya is already an urban environment, noisy and lively … And if you are tired of Alanya, you can always go to noisy and vibrant Istanbul, interesting Antalya or cozy Kas.

Rich infrastructure in residential buildings

Apartments in residential complexes with the infrastructure of a five-star hotel are already commonplace in Turkey. Green area, security system, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports grounds, tennis courts, hammam – free services are available for residents of these wonderful houses.

Many good hotels

Living in the republic, you can go on vacation to all-inclusive hotels not only in summer and at good prices. “Sometimes the price for 1 night in a budget five-star hotel in the off-season does not exceed 50 euros (4,700 rubles) for two,” the author specified.


According to the traveler, Turks make up 70% of the population in popular Turkish cities. Alanya is no exception. Not only Russians, but also Europeans flock here.

“There are many Germans, British and Scandinavians here. As a rule, these are pensioners – calm, polite, always friendly. Also, many Russians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs live in Turkey. It is very convenient when people around you speak an understandable language,” the blogger said.

Attitude towards Russians

The tolerant attitude towards Russian tourists and emigrants used to be and remains so in the current unstable times, the blogger noted. Unless some local women can look askance at lonely girls of Slavic appearance, because they see them as a rival. However, the Russian woman reassured, they don't talk about it openly.

“I always feel safe in Turkey. And I know that they will always help me if necessary,” she added.

The presence of an international hub

From Istanbul, tourists can easily get to almost anywhere in the world. No wonder this city was used by travelers when the borders of many countries were firmly closed.

“Turkey is very well located. And moving within the country is not only convenient, but also cheap. On sales, you can catch tickets for 10-15 euros from Antalya to Istanbul or Trabzon. It's also cheap without discounts. There is also a well-developed public transport system. You can travel all over Turkey for a penny. And it’s definitely worth visiting different regions, because they don’t look alike,” the girl admired.

Food prices and national cuisine

In Turkish stores, unlike in Asian countries, it is easy to find products familiar to Russians at regular prices. According to the girl, although in recent months the price tags have increased markedly, however, many products still seem to be quite cheap. In Turkey, they cook well and tasty, the author said and added that a full meal for two, as a rule, costs no more than 10 euros (less than 1,000 rubles).



There are many farmers' markets and bazaars in Turkey where Turks sell only local fresh produce. Their cost and variety attract not only expats, but also locals.

“Even in winter you can buy sweet tomatoes, juicy oranges and fragrant apples. Also, bazaars always sell milk, cheese, sausage, fresh fish, olives, dried fruits and other farm products,” the Russian woman shared.

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