Russian woman spoke about the strange situation with tours to Egypt

A Russian woman spoke about a strange situation with tours to Egypt

Russian tourists have demand for Egyptian resorts, there are few planes, and they are completely filled. And despite this, the number of flights practically does not increase, and because of this, the prices for tour packages offered by tour operators to our compatriots are very high. A Russian woman talked about a strange strange situation with tours to Egypt on her Yandex.Zen channel.

“There is a new record in Hurghada – on one of the last days off the airport of the most popular Egyptian resort served 101 flights. Planes took off and landed with minimal interruptions, and real air traffic jams were recorded in the sky … ”, she explained and added that the country of the pyramids is experiencing a real tourist boom, but not Russians have become leaders in the number of visitors.

On that record day, 15,000 tourists arrived, mostly Europeans, and most of all Germans. Another 120 planes landed in the nearby resort town of Marsa Alam over the course of two days. There were tourists from Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland on board.

The Russians, who love, first of all, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, held the first place in terms of the number of tourists a few years ago, but now they are clearly not in leaders. For comparison: on average, Hurghada airport receives 94 flights a day, of which only three are Russian.

The compatriot reminded that four Russian tour operators are currently taking tourists to Egypt, and from September 3, a fifth one will be added – Anex-Tour. Flights from Moscow to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are scheduled daily on the wings of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir.

In addition, from September 15, the largest Russian charter airline AZUR air will resume flights from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada . The Aeroflot airline requested permission from the Federal Air Transport Agency to fly to the same Egyptian destinations from Perm.

“So the number of flights from Russia continues to grow, but not as fast as we would like. Recently, the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency even signed a memorandum to increase the number of flights – up to 25 flights per week to Hurghada and Sharm, as well as 14 weekly flights between Moscow and Cairo/Alexandria, moreover, by Arab airlines. Although the memorandum, of course, means little – it's like an agreement of intent….”, the author said.

For all the high cost of tours to Egypt, Russians choose the land of pyramids for recreation. “There are few flights, but those planes that fly are almost completely filled. Despite the high price tag, tour operators report that tours to Egypt for the coming dates are sold out. Everything is booked in some hotels until March 2023 – including the November holidays and the first school holidays, as well as the New Year and winter holidays, ”the Russian woman cited data from the Coral Travel tour operator.

A similar situation can be seen in others tour operators. We are talking about FUN&SUN (formerly TUI) and TEZ Tour, with the latter taking the Egyptian destination in first place in terms of the number of bookings. “The price of any tour is three-digit, for the New Year the price tag is at least 140,000 rubles. for two. Basically, they buy not cheap hotels – not lower than four stars, as well as the luxury segment. And since there is demand, it’s obvious that no one really plans to reduce prices, ”concluded the compatriot.

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