Russian woman tested the MIR card in Turkish stores and reported what is really happening

A Russian woman tested the MIR card in Turkish stores and reported what was really happening

A Russian tourist continued testing a Russian plastic card payment system “MIR” in the shops of the Turkish resort town of Alanya and noted that the Russian “plastic” is already working there from Tinkoff Bank. However, commentators continue to face banking denials. The Russian woman spoke on the Yandex.Zen channel about why some cards “pass” while others don’t, and also what really happens in Turkish stores.

According to her, before buying at the Migros supermarket in Mahmutlar (Alanya), the woman asked the cash desk staff about the correctness of the work of the Russian “plastic”. To which the workers “in chorus” replied that the payment would not go through. However, the attempt was not torture, it was decided to try the card “in action” again.

“And, lo and behold, the payment went through! By contact with the introduction of a pincode (I remind you that Tinkoff's MIR does not work in Turkey yet),” she exclaimed.

However, other Russians who ended up in Turkey continue to complain about the difficulty of paying by card. On this occasion, the author noted the following: “Experience has shown that the MIR card linked to a ruble account does not always work, even if the store has payment terminals working with the Russian system. Therefore, when Tinkoff reopened the opportunity to convert rubles into Turkish currency via a mobile bank at the end of last week, I finally managed to buy lira, and I linked my MIR card to my lira account.

In the near future, the Russians plan to test bank “plastic” from a ruble account in a BIM supermarket through the IŞ bank payment terminal, since previous attempts to pay from a ruble account with automatic conversion into Turkish lira “for some reason were rejected by Tinkoff, and not at all by a Turkish bank, according to support '.

“The payment was debited from the account and immediately returned back. I hope that it will be possible to pay off the lira account. Because I definitely like this option of paying immediately with lira more, because. You know the conversion rate in advance, and you don’t play the lottery “at what rate the amount in rubles will be written off” every time,” she concluded.

It is specified that three Turkish banks work with the Russian payment system: Ziraat, İş and Vakıf. The same banks make it possible to withdraw at least 300 lira (1,800 rubles) from the Russian MIR card without paying a commission.

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