Russian woman told about 8 things that enrage her in Turkish hotels

A Russian woman told about 8 things that make her angry in Turkish hotels

Holidays in a Turkish hotel can be ruined by little things that, probably, the administration does not attach much importance to and annoy tourists. A professional Russian traveler has collected the top 8 things that annoy her the most in hotels in Turkey. As a traveler reported on the Yandex.Zen channel, we are talking about the details that modern hotels “sin” from economy to premium class.

Firstly, hangers, which in Russia are called anti-vandal. “If you ever come across such hangers in the closet, you will never forget them. Worst of all, if they are plastic and already cracked. This means that your clothes will constantly fall on the bottom shelf of the closet along with the damn hangers … How much I love hotels that trust guests and offer normal coat hangers, ”the author wrote about this.

Secondly, a blanket tucked under the mattress. Many hotels have adopted the American tradition, but the majority of tourists do not understand why this is done. “I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon when I lie down in bed and try to free the blanket from this “trap”. And if you forcefully pull it out from under the mattress, the sheet will stretch behind it – you will have to tuck it in again … It's good that some hotels still abandoned this rule, and the maids just carefully tuck the blanket. It looks beautiful, and the comfort level skyrockets,” she clarified.

Thirdly, the lack of a blanket in the summer. “I don’t like it when hotels decide this issue for the guests and refuse blankets on summer days. Someone kindly offers to supplement this disgrace with a blanket (prickly, like in trains). Why do they dislike us so much? the traveler asked.

Fourth, the lack of a soap dish. In her opinion, vacationers should be given a stand or replace bar soap with liquid. Due to the lack of a stand, soap has to be placed directly on the sink or cardboard packaging. “As a result, soap leaves an unpleasant slimy trail. It's unpleasant and ugly. Don't like soap dishes – give your guests liquid soap! Instead of the slurry on the sink, which appears on the second day from the solid, ”the blogger suggested.

Fifthly, an uncomfortable stand in the shower. Such a structure is not intended for hotel hygiene items, since tiny jars of shampoos and gels constantly fall into the holes of the metal stand. The author lamented that “if you don’t immediately close the lid tightly, then all this also spills into the shower cabin.”

Sixth, a hair dryer with a short wire and weak power. The anti-theft system annoys, first of all, the female half of humanity, since the wire is so short that you have to come close to the wall to dry your hair and do the styling. “… it is especially annoying if the hair dryer has low power (in this case, I have to dry my head in an uncomfortable position for 20-30 minutes,” the Russian woman was indignant.

Seventh, plastic glasses. “If there is a kettle in the room, then it is quite logical to offer guests mugs and spoons. But some hotels prefer plastic or paper cups with wooden sticks,” the author said, adding that she had seen this trend back in Sochi. “I was in a hotel where they put “fake” spoons (anti-vandal!): they look like metal, but they are actually plastic (and so worn that I have no doubt that they are reusable). Reusable plastic spoons in a 3* hotel?!” – the tourist was indignant again.

The last moment – a sign with the inscription “Penalties” in the most prominent place. “The sign” FINES!!! ” Doesn't really add to the atmosphere. I agree that a property damage price list should be in every hotel. But do not stick it to the table or hang it on the wall. With your hangers and the absence of glass glasses, you already made it clear that you keep your finger on the pulse, ”the Russian woman summed up.

In addition, she added that the points listed above are actually found everywhere in Turkish, Thai and Russian hotels. According to the traveler, the level of trust such hotels have for tourists is low.

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