Russian woman told how real in Egypt Russian and Ukrainian tourists are settled in hotels

Russian woman told how real Russian and Ukrainian tourists are settled in hotels in Egypt

Clashes between Russian and Ukrainian tourists in hotels in Egypt not as frequent as last year, but incidents do happen. However, the tourism industry has already taken this factor into account, the Russian woman said in her blog on Yandex.Zen, and she told, based on the experience of the everyday life of the host company, how Russian and Ukrainian tourists are actually settled in Egypt in hotels, as well as on excursions and so on.

As the Russian woman, whose husband works at Sun International, said – this is the host of the tour operators Join Up and Biblioglobus – the most difficult for the Egyptian tourism industry in terms of skirmishes between tourists were the spring and summer of last year. “There were constant signals to the police, complaints from hotel guests that they were forced to observe mutual insults and even assault, and also statements from those who had grappled with each other,” she explained.

However, according to the representative of the host, the practice of separation by hotels was abandoned. “According to him, they don’t separate anyone, they all live together in hotels, they also go on excursions together, there are no clashes (well, or there is something local, then it is quickly “extinguished” right there on the spot),” he explained. blogger husband. However, on long excursions, as a rule, they try to separate Russians and Ukrainians – that is, they do not put them on the same bus.

At the same time, referring to the media data, the guides also take this into account on excursion routes. “If you have Russians, you call a colleague with Ukrainians: where are you? If they are in the Valley of the Kings, then we are on the Alley of Sphinxes – and vice versa, ”the blogger quotes. She also cites a story about one skirmish that did occur, or “an epic incident with a 'magic' scarab beetle.” “A Russian woman collided with a Ukrainian woman by chance at the Scarab and grappled. If the ancient statue of a scarab beetle is walked counterclockwise 7 times, a wish will come true – according to the guide, most of the guests of Luxor believe in this legend. And some, to be sure, run around the beetle not 7, but 14 times, or even more than they detain the entire group. It was under such circumstances that a tourist from Ukraine shoved a Russian woman away from the beetle – the fulfiller of desires, which resulted in a brawl, first between their husbands, and then in a bus-to-bus showdown, ”the blogger quotes. However, after that she adds that she personally did not see any conflicts and did not read about any serious skirmishes in local sources.

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