Russian woman went to the toilet in the capital of the UAE and was shocked

A Russian woman went to the toilet in the UAE capital and was shocked

“Now, if you were born, then only in the Emirates, because here the culture of life is manifested in everything. Here is an example of a simple public toilet… I have no words, only emotions from this Abu Dhabi,” a shocked Russian woman said on the Yandex.Zen channel after visiting the “ideal” public toilet on the outskirts of the UAE capital.

< p> According to her, in a public place everything was done perfectly and as contactlessly as possible. “It’s also nice to be in the toilet, because it’s +20°C here, when it’s almost +40°C outside,” the author wrote.

Automatic supply of soap, water, paper towels, as well as uninterrupted hand dryers, flushing toilets. In addition, the Russian woman was surprised by the presence of well-known brand toilet paper, and most importantly, cleanliness. It is maintained around the clock by cleaners.

To a large extent, the cleanliness and safety of the toilet is determined by the hygiene of its users. And they, apparently, in the emirate are at a high level. Such a culture of life, according to the tourist, cannot be compared with Egypt, from where she recently arrived, or Russia, because in the UAE everything is arranged and perceived differently.

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